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“Re: Knowledge Management, Meta Data, and the Organization”

From: Jim Roepcke In Response To: 1258  Re: Knowledge Management, Meta Data, and the Organization
Date Posted: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 5:33:20 PM Replies: 1
Enclosures: None.
On Wednesday, October 31, 2001, at 01:10 PM, Donald W.Larson wrote:

> Jim,
> I think you might have the experience to evaluate an idea I've had
> today about associative blocks of text with keyword mappings.
> After reading the entire thread again, I have a question. Would an xml
> structure be useful in the association of keywords to particularly
> related passages of text?

I don't think XML is useful for much of anything except data transfer
and transformation. Don't fall into the trap of seeing nails everywhere
when you're weilding a hammer. (the hammer being an XML parser)

The only thing interesting past data transfer and transformation about
XML is hierarchies, and you can deal with hierarchies using any kind of
Dictionary/Hashtable/Map datatype in your environment's class library /

If you want to store it or transfer it using XML, great. :-) Otherwise,
don't think about it in terms of XML. Okay, even if you want to, fine,
but think more about the data than the format. :-)

> What I'm suggesting is an approach to describing themes within
> narratives so that summaries might be processed along thematic lines of
> thought.
> Is this a bad approach or is there some value in this concept?

Honestly, I think that's a great question for Louis Rosenfeld, but not
me. :-)

Perhaps you could invite him to join this thread?


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