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“Re: Ugly Secrets of Content Management Systems”

From: Greg Pierce In Response To: 164  Re: Ugly Secrets of Content Management Systems
Date Posted: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 3:33:49 PM Replies: 0
Enclosures: None.
But I think the question was not "Vignette vs. Conversant" as much as "in-house coding vs. Conversant." If a company invests in Conversant, they get a lot of "the basics" done for them... user/group management (which can be extended if so desired), database connectivity (ditto), ownership and privilege models (ditto) a plugin architecture, and a substantial set of features/tools. Instead of developing something entirely from scratch, the company can develop only what additional features or customizations they need... or they can utilize plugins created by Macrobyte or by third parties.

That's really the key to me. Right now I'm in charge of selecting and putting in place a new mid-level ERP-type accounting/inventory/order processing system for a company. The key selection point for me is customizability. I don't want to write a double entry accounting program. I don't want to write an inventory control application. Those are relatively quantifiable areas that have already been address by others, why re-invent the wheel.

I do, however, want to write a lot of the code to manage sales order processing, customer relations, project management that represent the key competitive advantage of our business...and I don't want to be tied to down by what I invest in for the pre-built things.

Conversant has those traits for a groupware/communication tools...a sound archetecture to build on. I seriously wish there was "conversant" in the mid-level ERP market. I'd buy it in a minute.


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