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“What do you want to do with your site?”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: 174  RE: Does Conversant Answer Your Question?
Date Posted: Wednesday, July 12, 2000 11:49:46 AM Replies: 0
Enclosures: None.

Brian Carnell said:

>>>I know I'm not the only one out there with a site getting 2 to 10 million
>>>page views a year saying "I wish there was a better way to run my site".

>>"Do you feel this is a question that we've answered, or is it still something
>>you're asking?"

>I think you've got small to medium stuff covered -- there are still a lot of
>features I'd like to see and that you've already mentioned are coming, but I
>think Brian Andresen really hit the important point when he said in a slight
>different context, "It's straightforward [in Conversant] to see where and how
>various features interact." The CMS side of Conversant also makes it a lot
>easier to get my head around some of my larger sites -- I am doing things in
>Conversant I never even thought of doing with my static site simply because
>they would have been next to impossible to do. (I still think a comparison
>chart of CMS system would really help potential customers).

Could I trouble you for examples of both of these things? I know what features you've requested on the support site, but I don't think any of them fall outside the range of "small to medium stuff". What big features would you like, that we don't already have?

Also (and it might be more fitting to post this on the support site), I'd love to know how you're using it, what things you're doing with it that you wouldn't have attempted on your static site.

>It's very nice to have Conversant do all the behind-the-scenes grunt work so I
>can concentrate on other things.

Yes, I have to agree with that, since it was part of the idea in the first place. Conversant's raison d'etre: to do the behind-the-scenes grunt work. ;-)

>One of the things I don't get is what Andresen means by Conversant being
>modular. When he starts talking about plug-in architecture he kinds of loses
>me. Is he saying that there is something equivalent to an open API that third
>parties can write external software to interface with Conversant?

I can't really answer this any better than Sean did.

>As for the GroupWare side of things, I am definitely looking forward to see
>what sort of tools you have planned. As I've said before, my primary
>motivation to get away from a static site was having hundreds of users posting
>all sorts of incredible stuff and having no way of doing much with it. I like
>the fact that with Conversant if somebody writes an essay or posts a news item
>I can promote that to the web log or bind it to a file, or give some of the
>more knowledgeable users web logs of their own to talk about specific topics.

We need to get a few things done first, but eventually we're going to post a document that explains where we want to take Conversant, what new features we're planning for it, and what new applications we're going to develop on top of it. It is also still in our plans to make the core of Conversant available under an Open Source license, along with a few very basic plugins to act as "demonstrations" to any developers that take it up.

>The next step is planning and carrying out projects and the people who visit
>my sites are always putting forward proposals for projects but there's never
>been a way for them or me to organize that into something, evaluate whether
>it's really worth doing and then carry it through.

Seems that many of things you might like to do... can already be done with what's been made available to you. Again, some examples of what you want to do (not specific feature requests) would go a long way towards helping us push Conversant in the directions that customers want to go.


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