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From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: Top of Thread.  
Date Posted: Wednesday, July 31, 2002 3:10:08 PM Replies: 4
Enclosures: None.

I feel as if Macrobyte was hit by a truck last Thursday, and was in a coma until early this morning.

One or two brain cells are finally firing again, but what a nightmarish week it's been.

No, we didn't go out of business. Far from it... but I can certainly understand why people would feel that way after our network turned into a Fortress of Solitude with the flick of a switch at Sprint.

I've posted most of the story on the Free-Conversant support site. Read it and weep with me. There's a lot more to say on the personal side of this mess, but I won't have time to discuss it for a couple more days at least.

Discussion Thread:
  • Re: Comatoast (by Mark Morgan at 7/31/2002)

    I was reading online newspapers from the Mystic area to see if some natural disaster had hit you. I

    • Re: Comatoast (by Seth Dillingham at 7/31/2002)

      Thank you, Mark. I'm pretty sure that if you'd left us (meaning, everybody else had already left us),

      • Re: Comatoast (by Mark Morgan at 7/31/2002)

        No problem. Reckoned you could use some positive feedback in the midst of all this foolishness.

    • Re: Comatoast (by Brian Carnell at 8/1/2002)

      Mark wrote: I have more to say, on a professional level, about helping you get back on your feet but

  • Thanks for Noticing (by Seth Dillingham at 7/31/2002)

    A few people -- besides the customers -- have noticed that the lights are coming back on one-by-one

  • Re: Comatoast (by Donald W. Larson at 8/1/2002)

    Seth, I'm glad you came back online. Good luck on the new connections. Don

  • Fully Awake (by Seth Dillingham at 8/5/2002)

    Finally, all of Macrobyte's software and services are fully functional again. Macrobyte has fully recovered

    • Re: Fully Awake (by Bill Kearney at 8/6/2002)

      Any chance "" is going to come back online? The NNTP side still seems to


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