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“RE: I Thought SnapFish Blew It...”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: 2679  RE: I Thought SnapFish Blew It...
Date Posted: Sunday, December 15, 2002 6:10:16 PM Replies: 0
Enclosures: None.

On 12/15/02, Brian Carnell said:

>The downside is you have to pay an annual $24.95-$34.95 fee depending
>on the service level you want. The upside, at least for me, is that
>for $1/roll, they'll develop film, put high-res. scans on the site
>(no extra per-download fee), and then return the negatives to me
>(sans prints, but I never do much with prints except scan them

The deal with snapfish is that you pay no annual or monthly fee, pay a discount for developing (I think it's normally about $3.25 per 24-27 exosure roll), they keep high res versions in storage, put low res on the site, and return prints and negatives.

I like having prints, I have boxes and boxes full of them. How old fashioned of me! :-)


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