> wrote: >On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 09:52:17 -0500, Mark Morgan wrote: >>YMMV, as the…" name="description" />
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“RE: Setting Tab Key Preferences in Mozilla”

From: Brian Andresen In Response To: 2686  RE: Setting Tab Key Preferences in Mozilla
Date Posted: Tuesday, December 17, 2002 11:16:16 AM Replies: 1
Enclosures: None.
On 12/17/02, Greg Pierce <> wrote:

>On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 09:52:17 -0500, Mark Morgan wrote:
>>YMMV, as the keyboard shortcuts you mention don't seem to work for
>>me. ÝBack to the painful, long trip between keyboard and mouse...
>Huh...maybe they're new in 1.2...I'm using 1.2.1 on Mac OS X and Windows XP and they work in both.

I've been using the ctrl-pageup and ctrl-pagedown shortcuts for... hmm, several months, at least. There's a page ( dated May 2002 that says the Mac key combinations are cmd-pageup and -pagedown, instead of ctrl- ones listed by the page ( The cmd- combos clearly don't work in my build, and the ctrl- ones do. But it does sound like that got switched at some time. So Mark, maybe try with the command key? And then grab a newer build. ;-)


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