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“Will You Help Me Ride for a Good Cause?”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: Top of Thread.  
Date Posted: Tuesday, January 14, 2003 5:05:44 PM Replies: 11
Enclosures: None.

The Pan-Massachusetts Challenge is a weekend bike ride across the width of Massachusetts. To ride, one must raise a minimum of $2,500. Proceeds from the ride are donated to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and each year this ride raises millions of dollars.

I've been planning to ride in the PMC in 2003 for almost two years, ever since Ellyn (my Aunt, Steve Davis's sister-in-law) told me about it.

Here's where I need help: Once committed to the ride, the money must be provided. If I can't raise at least $2500 by mid-October, I need to make up the balance out of my own pocket. At this time, I couldn't afford to do that unless the balance was very small.

If I commit to riding in the PMC this year, I'll have to do some serious fund raising. Will you (dear reader) sponsor me? This isn't a rhetorical question! Please respond here on the site or by sending me an email. Once I have guaged the response from my limited audience here, I'll make my decision.

Discussion Thread:
  • Re: Will You Help Me Ride for a Good Cause? (by Greg Pierce at 1/14/2003)

    On Tue, 14 Jan 2003 16:16:16 -0500, Seth Dillingham wrote: >Will you (dear reader) sponsor me? I'm in.

  • Daniel's Helping! (by Seth Dillingham at 1/14/2003)

    Daniel Berlinger is helping to spread the word about my need for sponsors. Thank you, Daniel! I've had

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    Last night I asked if you would sponsor my ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge . Enough of you have said

  • RE: Will You Help Me Ride for a Good Cause? (by Sue Pierce at 1/15/2003)

    Seth - Read about your proposed ride on Greg's webpage. Would like to chip in a modest contribution,

  • Progress Towards the PMC (by Seth Dillingham at 1/15/2003)

    PMC 2003 thermometer Here's the progress on raising the minimum $2500 needed for the PMC. I shouldn't

    • Re: Progress Towards the PMC (by Mark Morgan at 1/15/2003)

      > >PMC 2003 thermometer Here's the progress on raising the minimum >$2500 needed for the PMC. This is

  • Business Sponsors for the PMC (by Seth Dillingham at 1/17/2003)

    A client has informed me that his company may sponsor my ride in the PMC based on a percentage (2% -

  • PMC Incoming Links: Thanks! (by Seth Dillingham at 1/19/2003)

    Thanks to everybody who has put up a link to my need for funding to ride in the PMC! Those I know about

  • I'm Going to the PMC (by Seth Dillingham at 1/29/2003)

    Today I signed up for the Pan-Mass Challenge , as I said I would . Now it's time to get serious about

    • RE: I'm Going to the PMC (by steve davis at 1/30/2003)

      Instead of a paypal account, have you considered posting a link to the e-gift section of the PMC website?

  • More PMC Progress (by Seth Dillingham at 3/8/2003)

    PMC 2003 thermometerEarlier this week a friend pledged $100 towards my PMC ride , bringing my current

  • How to Sponsor Me in the 2004 Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) (by Seth Dillingham at 3/30/2003)

    How to Sponsor Me in the 2004 Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) Curious? You can read my personal review of the

    • PMC Article for Local Bank's Newsletter (by Seth Dillingham at 7/17/2003)

      The following is a lightly-edited version of an article that will be appearing soon in the employee

    • Jim is Helping with the PMC (by Seth Dillingham at 7/28/2003)

      Jim Roepcke just posted some links about my need for sponsors in the PMC . Thanks Jim, I appreciate

    • Issue with Credit Card Donations (by Seth Dillingham at 7/28/2003)

      At this moment (3:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time), as I'm writing this, the web site that accepts donations

    • Online Fundraising: Ups and Downs (by Seth Dillingham at 7/30/2003)

      Trying to raise money for the Pan-Mass Challenge , primarily via this web site, has been an interesting

    • Who's Feeling Generous? (by Seth Dillingham at 10/21/2003)

      There are just about three days left before the 2003 Pan-Massachusetts Challenge fundraising deadline,

      • Bumped (by Seth Dillingham at 10/21/2003)

        One of my best friends just kicked in a little over half of what I still needed for the PMC. Less than

      • $89.50 (by Seth Dillingham at 10/24/2003)

        With only a few hours left, I still need to raise $89.50 in order to reach the $2500 minimum sponsorship

    • PMC: Thank You for Your Generosity! (by Seth Dillingham at 10/25/2003)

      To everyone who sponsored me in this year's PMC: Thank You! My goal for the year was $2500. As of last

    • PMC Gave $16.2 Million to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (by Seth Dillingham at 11/9/2003)

      Yesterday the PMC presented a check for $16.2 Million to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute , during a

    • $0 Donation (by Seth Dillingham at 7/29/2004)

      A day (or so) after someone makes a donation to the PMC via my PMC eGift page , I receive a message

      • RE: $0 Donation (by Scott Joy at 8/4/2004)

        I'll bet that was my donation attempt that didn't go through. If so, I made up for it today, Seth!

        • Re: $0 Donation (by Scott Joy at 8/4/2004)

          ...and sorry about causing temporary disappointment!

    • 2004 Pan-Mass Challenge Route Map (by Seth Dillingham at 8/3/2004)

      The PMC organization has posted the official PMC 2004 route map for the ride that starts this weekend.

    • Auctioning My Time for the Pan-Mass Challenge (by Seth Dillingham at 9/6/2004)

      Will You Help Me Ride for a Good Cause? Please note: this page is only left here for posterity's sake!

  • How to Sponsor Me in the 2005 Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) (by Seth Dillingham at 3/23/2005)

    Will You Help Me Ride for a Good Cause? window.setTimeout( function() { window.location = "";


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