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“Re: Finally! Flip Blogs.”

From: Duncan Smeed In Response To: 3128  Finally! Flip Blogs.
Date Posted: Wednesday, May 28, 2003 3:02:16 AM Replies: 0
Enclosures: None.
>Finally, after all these years, my friend and former employee
>Philippe Martin <> has his own

I look forward to making this a regular read.


>This reminds me... it's about stinkin' time that I switch this site
>over to the new Weblog II plugin. How silly is it that I'm writing
>it but not using it, when all of the beta testers (except Duncan
><>) have happily made the switch?

Ouch! ;-) Mea culpa. Named and shamed. I fell strangely honoured B-}

You know, when I read the subject line I assumed you were talking
about flipping your blog to Weblog II B-)



Duncan Smeed
Department of Computer & Information Sciences, University of Strathclyde
26 Richmond Street, Glasgow, G1 1XH, Scotland, UK
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