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“Not as Bad as it Sounded”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: Top of Thread.  
Date Posted: Monday, May 24, 2004 10:24:42 AM Replies: 2
Enclosures: None.

This morning, I was already down in my office when Corinne woke up. I heard her moving around upstairs, and then after she came out of the bedroom she screamed bloody murder!

I moved so fast, there was a sonic boom.

In the short distance between my office and where I found her -- freaking out -- in the kitchen, I somehow managed to review all of the cats I'd seen this morning. Xerxes, Missy, Xodus, Lovey, Ysabel (a.k.a. Gidget), and the kitten who still doesn't leave our room. All alive and accounted for, and there's no way one of them could have died in the hour or so that I'd been downstairs...

Well, when she came out of the room, she had found what looked like a little "cat yak" on the floor outside the door. She picked it up with a tissue and was about to flush it, when she got a better look at it (still in her hand). The "it" in this case was the back half of a mouse.

So, you see, she really *was* screaming bloody murder. The only mystery here, though, is why the mice are so stupid. This is a house full of cats, and one or two of them are particularly good mousers. One of those mousers is pregnant, which just hones the hunting instinct.

The mouse is the perfect cat food, though. (Seriously.) Betcha didn't know that.

Oh, and uh... don't worry. My heart's ok now that it's beating again.

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