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“RE: NBW, Cycling Movies, and Free Pizza!”

From: Bruce Masterson In Response To: 4593  NBW, Cycling Movies, and Free Pizza!
Date Posted: Monday, March 7, 2005 11:07:31 AM Replies: 0
Enclosures: None.

I am fat.  215 avoirdupoise pounds.  I'm a little guy, only 6'2".  I was very pleased to have you guys come to see the film.  We are planning on another one towards the end of April.  I'll keep you informed.

I got stuck with vacuum duty Friday night.  It looks like you got most of teh popcorn up.  There was more than one slob there. 

I crashed my cross bike Saturday and am all banged up.  Ow.  I am getting real antsy to get in shape.  We are honeymooning in Italy and those mountain passes are going to hurt unless I get some miles in stat.



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