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“Ride #38: First Century of the Year”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: 4782  Cycling in May, 2005
Date Posted: Monday, May 23, 2005 8:08:12 PM Replies: 3
Enclosures: None.

I've been planning my first century of the season for mid-May since sometime in March. I asked Steve if he'd like to go along, so today he and his friend, Mike Lucas, joined me. They're both from Massachusetts and had over an hour's drive to Mystic.

With the threat of rain, we almost cancelled it last night. I'm glad we didn't! There was no rain. It was a little chilly at times, occasionally windy, and overcast most of the day, but overall the weather was more of an anticipated problem than an actual one.

We started riding at about 9:00 AM, leaving from Mystic Seaport. I rode into town and met them at the parking lot. (it would have been silly for me to leave Corinne without a car all day, when we were starting just five miles from my house!)

As I mentioned on Saturday, I scrapped the whole "flat route" idea. Once they were here (and expecting a flat century), what could they really do about it? ;-)

Steve was up late last night after attending the theater, so he was a little off his game. The first 40% of the ride was quite hilly, as we went out 201 and up Cossaduck Hill Road. I know there are worse hills, perhaps even some around here, but something about that hill really wears me down. Anyway, as we turned the corner to start up the hill, Steve blurted out, "Oh! I hate you Seth!" We reached the top at approximately the same time: proof that he was really tired.

Unlike Steve and myself, Mike's one of those little guys that floats up hills on a breeze, but bounces along in our downhill wake like a leaf in a truck's turbulence.

That was certainly the worst hill of the day, but it was worth it. They both seemed to like the scenery as much as I do.

The first part of the route was basically River Road in Mystic to Route 201 to Route 2 in North Stonington, back onto 201 to climb Cossaduck, to 165 past Buttonwood Farm Ice Cream, to Route 49, to Route 148 and back to River Road and into Mystic again. That was about 40 miles, if I remember correctly.

We stopped at Mystic Cycle to use the bathroom, chat with the guys a little, and pick up some carbs. Then it was off to Watch Hill, fifteen miles away, where we stopped for lunch. We all had greasy hamburgers! And Steve's french fries! ;-) (And, just for the memory trigger: an older gentleman at the next table kept talking to us about Lance Armstrong.)

After lunch we did the length of Atlantic Ave in Misquamicut with a tailwind and almost no traffic (too early in the year, and the weather wasn't very beach-friendly). Eventually, we ended up on Route 1 North (but heading East!) again, but the traffic was heavy so we made a left onto 216 towards Bradford, then onto Route 91 through Dunn's Corners. Right onto Shore Road (Route 1A), left onto Ocean View Highway, back through Watch Hill again, back onto Route 1A, through downtown Westerly, and then Route 1 all the way back to Mystic.

Oh, I shouldn't leave out the side trip through Stonington Village. We didn't have quite enough miles, so I wanted to throw in a side trip... but I made some wrong turns. Steve made some comment about getting lost when we're all feeling the urgent need to get home, but we really did need the miles if they were going to hit 100! (Remember that I had the extra miles to meet them, and to get home).

When we came to the last right turn to head back to the Seaport parking lot, I went straight (twoards home), promising to meet them at Mystic Pizza after changing my clothes.

Well... they didn't have any problem finding the car, but they were still short a few miles so they ended up riding around the parking lot until they reached 100. Shouldn't have razzed me about the side trip through Stonington Village, guys! (Ok, that's not true. I got lost, just a few miles from home. How pitiful is that?)

After a very quick shower (and a kiss!), I hoppped in the truck and headed back to Mystic to meet them. I was sure that I would have kept them waiting (since I didn't yet know that they still needed to ride around for a few miles). Also after putting away the bikes, they took quick "Showers" in the museum's men's room. We actually arrived at the same time.

The pizza was good, the conversation better, and the Sam Adam's (draft) greatly appreciated and much needed! We yakked mostly about cycling, but I also learned that Mike grew up in Berkley, MA, where I lived until I was 13. He went to the same school, and had many of the same teachers as I did (and as my dad!), in spite of the fact that he's approximately twenty years my senior.

I don't blame you if you're skimming this long story, so here's the summary. The four sentence version of the entire day is as follows: I had a really great time. I feel good knowing that my condition has imrpoved so much already this year. I think (and hope) that Steve and Mike had just as much fun as I did, in spite of the hills. There are no pictures because my camera is too big, and Steve didn't bring his because he thought it was going to rain.

Thanks for joining me, guys. Let's do it again sometime soon!

Stats: 104.93 miles (168.9 km) in 5h 36' 17" for an average speed of 18.72 mph (30.14 kph).

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