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“Re: RE: PMC 2005: Saturday Afternoon, MMA, More Lunch, Massage, Traffic”

From: Scott Ripley In Response To: 5002  RE: PMC 2005: Saturday Afternoon, MMA, More Lunch, Massage, Traffic
Date Posted: Monday, August 15, 2005 11:26:38 AM Replies: 0
Enclosures: None.
Hi Seth, I live in Virginia, Mt. Sidney to be exact if you want to look me up on a map. I've been riding since 1997. I guess I'd call myself avid, but not fanatical enough to average 20 on most rides. I ride about 1800 miles a year. Current average is 16, but for the PMC, it was 14.4. My fundraising was surprisingly productive for my first time. I was a one-day rider and raised the $2000 minimum before the actual ride. My sister is a three-year PMC rider, so I had some good coaching from her. Bye the way, did you see riders with Flamingos on their helmets? That was my team. I'm 53, survivor of lymphoma for a year, participate in a clinical trial studying cancer vaccines at University of VA. Married, 2 boys (15 and 22), computer programmer for VA State Police in Richmond, not a web developer, but a maniframe programmer, although we have moved away from a maniframe to a Sun box and have been dabbling in Java lately. About asking to meet you - well, It didn't cross my mind. Maybe becuse you're in a different league from me. When I see this year's survivor photo, I'll try to deacribe where I am in it. My sister will right beside me - breast cancer survivor for two years. I'll be watching. Scott

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