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“Re: PMC Day Two: Bourne to the Provincetown Inn”

From: Steve Davis - Office In Response To: 5025  RE: PMC Day Two: Bourne to the Provincetown Inn
Date Posted: Wednesday, August 17, 2005 11:06:05 AM Replies: 1
Enclosures: None.

I must disagree with your comment about Dave's family being cranky in the
morning! In fact, as you know, I'm married to Dave's beautiful sister who
is always cheery in the morning! If ever there was a morning person, it's
Sandy. Maybe it's just you that causes the crankiness? ;-)

As for Mark and Andy... they were soft peddling on the right side of the
canal trail waiting for us. I'd guess that we were together within the
first 100 yards to the bike path. We rode with you for a while, but when
you increased the speed over 22mph I let up to stay with Dave and the
others. I said something to you too, but you obviously didn't hear me, or
it didn't register, as you kept motoring along. Oh well.

I'm not sure how many times I saw you in the midst of the crowds this
weekend, but you don't exactly blend in, you know. I mean how many guys do
you see that stand 6'9" tall and are dressed in green? You and the jolly
green giant are the only ones that come to my mind! So, to answer your
question; yes, you are easier to see.

In any event, I'm still signed up for the Seacoast Century so we'll probably
have a chance to ride together then.


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> On 8/17/05, steve davis said:
>>I don't remember Dave taking off hard on Sunday.
> I remember talking to Mark and Andy about it. They said he's always
> cranky in the morning (I think it runs in his family, actually), and they
> definitely tried to chase him down.
> Perhaps they realized WAY before I did that he wasn't actually ahead of
> us as we thought.
>>In fact, I was with him over the bridge and we were riding very easy
>>because the bike lane was so congested making it impossible to pass
>>other riders without going into the traffic.A Once we descended onto the
>>rail trail, we were all together.A You were on the front and Dave, Mark,
>>Andy and I were behindA you (along with several other riders who latched
>>onto the paceline).
> Clearly I need to learn to look around a little more, and engage more of
> my brain than the tiny part that tells my legs to go.
> Still, I know for a fact that Mark and Andy were cheating a little going
> over the bridge (going outside the cones), and they got way ahead of us
> while they looked for Dave. I even talked to Mark about it during "lunch"
> in P-town.
> I guess you guys regrouped after the bridge, and I -- cluelessly -- just
> kept looking for everybody.
> Oh well. It was still a great weekend!
> How many times did you spot me in the crowds this weekend while I was
> looking for you and the rest of the guys? I can think of at least three
> times that happened. Am I blind, or am I just easier to see than you are?
> Seth
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