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“All PMC Software Auctions Are Live”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: 5111  First Ever PMC Software Auction is Live!
Date Posted: Thursday, September 29, 2005 9:25:02 PM Replies: 3
Enclosures: None.

At long last, all of the PMC Software Auctions are now live.

Actually, the first one -- a disc of mac software -- closed last night.

These auctions include a total of over $11,000 worth of software (award winning shareware and commercial software, look at the auctions for the complete list). Each disc -- whether Mac or Windows -- contains about $1,100 in applications, all donated by a lot of very generous developers.

I've just spent all afternoon setting up all these auctions and sending announcements to lots of tech news sites.

Update 10/6/2005: Thanks for all the help, everybody! The auctions are all closed, now. The totals are all listed, below. Watch my home page for further updates on this project over the next couple of days.

You can see all of these software bundle auctions at once, or pick one at a time from the following list:

  • Mac Disc 1 - closed: $1100+ worth of software, sold for $265!
  • Mac Disc 2 - closed, sold for $285!
  • Mac Disc 3 - closed, sold for $306.51 !
  • Mac Disc 4 - closed, sold for $313!
  • Mac Disc 5 - closed, sold for $306.51 !
  • Windows Software, Disc 1 - closed, sold for $99
  • Windows Software, Disc 2 - closed, sold for $99
  • Windows Software, Disc 3 - closed, sold for $99
  • Windows Software, Disc 4 - closed, sold for $99
  • Windows Software, Disc 5 - closed, sold for just $99!

I've also rewritten most of the descriptions of the software on the discs, so they tell you a lot more and are (hopefully) a lot less boring!

Now I really do need your help. Know anybody with a computer? ;-) Happen to have one yourself? Please, go look at those auctions. Think about them. You don't have to like everything on the disc, I don't think anybody would. But surely there are three or four -- or ten? -- titles on there that you'd like, or that you'd like to give as a gift!

Pass it on! Thanks.

(I'm know, I'm starting to sound like an NPR fundraiser. That is, incessant and droning. This will all be over, soon!)

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