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“(Almost) No Links from the Tech News Sites”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: 5123  Auction Status
Date Posted: Friday, September 30, 2005 8:44:43 AM Replies: 2
Enclosures: None.

Ric Ford, publisher of MacInTouch (one of the most popular and powerful Mac news sites) wrote to me this morning. They won't be providing a link to the auctions. He says there are, some tricky issues involving commercialism, and it's *extremely* difficult to accept one while turning down another.

I appreciate Ric taking the time to write back to me personally, but this is a problem. I wrote to at least 40 tech news sites yesterday, but not one of them have put up any links.

Update: Sam DeVore pointed out that MacMerc posted the link. Cool.

Update 10/6/2005: With just an hour to go before the auctions start to close, MacNN has posted the link! That's great timing, and I really appreciate it.

This project's entire plan for success was based on lots of people hearing about these auctions. I've been counting on the news sites carrying the news... but as of this moment, NONE of them have put up a link.

What are my alternatives? I can ask the webloggers to help, but it might be a little late for that.

Any ideas? Know anybody with a weblog who may not have heard about this yet, who might be willing to link to this?

Please remember that I'm not asking for donations! I want the bidders to know that the money is going to cancer research/treatment, but the winners are getting something substantial (and really cool!) in return.

On the other hand, some sites (mostly run by friends) have provided links. Those that I know about include (in no particular order):

Looks like all the cool kids are doing it.

Of course Brent's site is so popular these days -- because of NetNewsWire, most likely -- that he almost counts as one of the tech news sites. ;-)

Update 10/3/2005: There were also exactly 50 hits from the DayPop Top 40 on Sunday. Nifty!

If you know of one that I haven't listed, please let me know.

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