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“My Sister's Wedding”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: Top of Thread.  
Date Posted: Monday, May 8, 2000 7:46:01 PM Replies: 6
Enclosures: None.

Art and Sarah Peña

My sister (Sarah) married my friend and brother (in Christ!) this weekend (May 6, 2000), and is now Mrs. Arturo Peña. The wedding was Saturday, and it was a big graceful shindig that took all of my Mother's organizational skills (and all of my Dad's money!) to pull off.

I was the "assistant photographer", as always, and used about five-and-a-half rolls of film. The "paid" photographer was quite good, but he was also a jerk!

Anyway, I also took a bunch of pictures with my digital camera, which you can see in the rest of these messages.

(Two years later...)

Art and Sarah now have a baby girl, Allison Ella Pena. My first niece! There's a link to her pictures, below.

Discussion Thread:
  • Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner (by Seth Dillingham at 5/8/2000)

    Rehearsal Dinner Corinne did all the cooking for the Rehearsal Dinner. Neither of us were in the wedding

    • RE: Wedding: Rehearsal Dinner (by Shalom Pena at 9/18/2003)

      I didn't see mentioned that this is Sarah and Art Peña's home that the rehersal dinner was at. that

  • Wedding: The Ceremony (by Seth Dillingham at 5/9/2000)

    The Ceremony The wedding ceremony lasted about 30 minutes, and was 'officiated' by Brother Dave Pride

  • The Wedding Hymn (by Seth Dillingham at 5/16/2000)

    The Wedding Hymn The song that Sister Ethel Wallace sang at the beginning of the wedding ceremony is

    • RE: The Wedding Hymn (by Lisa P at 5/9/2003)

      Do you know what melody she put the words to or where I might find a copy of the sheet music? Thanks.

    • RE: The Wedding Hymn (by Kristie Morland at 7/28/2004)

      I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the sheet music for this hymn. Thanks! Kristie

  • Almost an Uncle (by Seth Dillingham at 2/5/2002)

    Art and Sarah are now at the hospital, she's in labor. My Dad called and asked me to say a prayer for

    • Re: Almost an Uncle (by Greg Pierce at 2/5/2002)

      On Tue, 05 Feb 2002 17:35:33 -0500, Seth Dillingham wrote: >Art and Sarah are now at the >hospital,

      • RE: Almost an Uncle (by Seth Dillingham at 2/5/2002)

        On 2/5/02, Greg Pierce said: >How exciting! Hope everything goes Corinne will be able >to

    • Allison Ella Pena (by Seth Dillingham at 2/6/2002)

      Allison Ella Pena was born tonight. I don't have all the details like time and weight, but I know she's

      • RE: Allison Ella Pena (by Sean McMains at 2/6/2002)

        Woohoo! Congrats Art! Haven't met your wife yet, but congrats to her too! A whole new chapter of your

        • RE: Allison Ella Pena (by Shalom Pena at 8/3/2002)

          Thanks, I am surprised that Uncle Seth doesn't have updated pictures. She will be 6 months on Tuesday.

  • Welcome to Our World, Talia Kayleigh Pena! (by Seth Dillingham at 10/23/2004)

    At long last, my little neice Allison has finally gotten around to having a little sister! Took her

  • Re: My Sister's Wedding (by Sandra Jeffery at 9/21/2007)

    i'd really really would like to know where i can find the music to 'the wedding hymn'


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