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“Invoice Troubles”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: Top of Thread.  
Date Posted: Wednesday, May 17, 2006 1:07:26 PM Replies: 0
Enclosures: None.

I've been working on one project for the last nine days. Long hours (which is a good thing about all the rain, as there was no temptation to go outside), and my head has really "been in it."

Today I need to generate the invoice, but looking back over my time sheets I see that — on many of those nine days — all I did was write down the name of the project and how many hours I spent on it. Which means producing this invoice is going to take ten times longer than it should because I need to review all of my work in order to figure out what was done when.

As I told Greg, I'm tempted to fire me for this mess, as I certainly know better than to go so many days without putting down any details. Inexcusable and unforgivable. However, firing myself would mean that I have to do all the work, plus I'd have nobody to boss around anymore. We wouldn't like that. ;-)

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