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“Catching Up, A Little”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: Top of Thread.  
Date Posted: Thursday, June 15, 2006 2:06:47 PM Replies: 3
Enclosures: None.

I was scolded last night by a relative (whose name is not "Ellen", but sounds the same) for not posting anything here since last week. "I've had nothing to read!" she lamented, "You didn't even mention the wonderful picnic at the Schlageter's house!"

"She just wants to toot her own horn," her daughter (whose name is not Mindy, but sounds like it) said.

"Hah!" was her witty response.

Anyway, yes, it's been quiet around here. Next week is the Rails conference in Chi-town, and I need to have my first Rails project "functional" before then so that my client (who is also going to be there) has something to demo.

Also taking up my time, recently:

  • I spend 30-45 minutes (almost) every day working on the new deck, usually at lunch. Mostly, I'm staining parts that Jed later installs (it'll get a touch-up second coat when we're done).

  • The bike! My weight still isn't going down (much), but my performance and endurance are gradually improving. I'm done pretending to understand why things are so different this year! (I have more stats and reports to post, sorry I fell behind again.)

  • Friday night I led the Bible readings at the hall. At least, I led them "officially." We had a special guest, which "eased the burden" on the leader, significantly.

  • Last Saturday I was supposed to ride in the Quabbin again (first time in a few years), but I wimped out at the last minute due to the flooding rains promised by the professional liars at (They got a few quick spatterings, nothing more.) Instead, I rode 55 miles around here, and didn't really work at all that day.

  • Sunday (after Memorial Service) Corinne and I both enjoyed the "wonderful picnic at the Schlageter's house." It really was a great time! Almost everybody showed up (even Stan and Windy Isbell!), the weather was perfect, food was good, and the Drake kids were there (neither of my nieces, though). What more could I ask for?

    Frisbee, that's what! I brought three to the picnic, but I was actually out-Frisbeed for the first time in my life! I tossed it around with Darren for a few minutes, then with Michelle... but then Bill wanted a chance and he just never tired of it! I finally called it quits after a few decades, and had to admit that Bill:

    • is a better Frisbee-throwing-machine than I am
    • is very stubborn
    • has the ability to catch and throw on auto-pilot while his mind wanders

    Either way, I've been humbled.

Discussion Thread:
  • RE: Catching Up, A Little (by Ellyn Schlageter at 6/15/2006)

    Allie was at the picnic, I think she is your niece.

    • RE: Catching Up, A Little (by Seth Dillingham at 6/15/2006)

      On 6/15/06, Ellyn Schlageter said: > Allie was at the picnic, I think she is your niece. Oops. Hi Allie!

  • Re: Catching Up, A Little (by Mike at 6/15/2006)

    Your eldest niece WAS there and had a great time wandering around with Odelia. You were obviously not


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