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“New Business Card?”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: Top of Thread.  
Date Posted: Thursday, August 6, 2009 8:09:58 PM Replies: 1
Enclosures: GoogleVoice Card.jpg (15K)

Logged into my Google Voice account yesterday and saw an offer to get 25 of these (printed and shipped) for free.

googlevoice card.jpg

How could I pass that up!? :-) Not sure what Google is thinking, but I think they're funny.

Discussion Thread:
  • Re: New Business Card? (by Mike D at 8/24/2009)

    Let's hope they get the phone # right. Dad -------Original Message------- From: Seth Dillingham Date:

    • RE: New Business Card? (by Seth Dillingham at 8/24/2009)

      On 8/24/2009, Mike D said: >Let's hope they get the phone # right. Try dialing it. The number on the


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