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“PMC Fundraising: Winding Down”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: 6342  Mac and iPhone Application Bundles for the PMC
Date Posted: Friday, September 11, 2009 4:15:16 PM Replies: 1
Enclosures: None.

My PMC fundraising efforts are winding down for the year. We've raised almost $18,000!

That all adds up to 17,751.76.

We've delivered 228 bundles so far, and still have another 28 somewhere in the pipeline (either waiting for payment or we're waiting for registration codes).

(I keep saying "we" because Corinne and Cindy are still helping me.)

We're going to keep accepting offers for a few more days.

On the technology side, I'll mention that this morning I totally rewrote the code which decides if a bundle will be accepted. In the process I made it fairer, and lowered the price points at which an offer will be accepted.

It's all based on percentages. First it divides your offer by the total retail value of your bundle to get the bundle's "offer percentage." So if you offer $50 for a bundle that's worth $100, the bundle's offer percentage is 50%. Then it figures out the minimum percentage we'll accept for that bundle, based on the following rules:

  1. There's a minimum offer percentage, let's call it min_pct. Any offer below that is rejected.

  2. There's a maximum offer percentage (max_pct). Anything at or above it is accepted.

  3. Small bundles (where the retail is at or below a certain threshold, min_ttl) must be at or above max_pct.

  4. Large offers (retail above a certain threshold, max_ttl) must be at or above min_pct.

  5. For bundles whose retail value is between min_ttl and max_ttl, it figures out what percentage to accept. It's a sliding scale based on where the bundle's retail value falls in the range between min_ttl and max_ttl.

  6. There's one last complication: if the bundle included any "rare" apps, then the required percentage is raised by a certain amount. An app is rare if there is only one left.

Follow all that? Hey, even if nobody else cares, at lest this will serve as a good refresher on the math in that code, the next time I need to update it.

Now go build yourself a bundle before we shut it down for the year! Most of the titles have not sold out.

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  • RE: PMC Fundraising: Winding Down (by Steve Davis-Davis Financial at 9/14/2009)

    Nice job. -----Original Message----- From: Seth Dillingham [] Sent: Friday,


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