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“RE: What, Now? Wow. Ow.”

From: steve davis In Response To: 6413  What, Now? Wow. Ow.
Date Posted: Thursday, October 16, 2014 9:46:24 PM Replies: 0
Enclosures: None.
I don't remember what the doc said to you, but I'm guessing g by the photo of your face that it wasn't "funny" or "sassy".  Probably "ugly".

Wish I could come up with an extravagant story about your crash, but it was really quite pedestrian. Your front wheel slid out on the slick painted crosswalk and down you went.  It was the sort of crash you see all the time on the Tour de France when racers are going too fast around corners on wet roads. I was actually quite surprised you were as hurt as you were.  Of course those TdF racers hit the deck with about half the mass as you,freight train. 

Despite my far superior tires ;-) I can assure you that my front wheel slid out too.  When you started to go down I committed the number one cornering mistake- I hit my brakes in the midst of a turn. When my brakes locked up, I lost all cornering traction and slid along the pavement right behind you.

I jumped right up and couldn't understand why you didn't.  Then I realized you were knocked out cold. Yikes!  Glad you came to before too long. 

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