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“Re: More Tragedy, Status Update”

From: Mike In Response To: 6417  More Tragedy, Status Update
Date Posted: Friday, December 26, 2014 4:03:01 PM Replies: 0
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I am so sorry about this. As you say, it's worse when you are somewhat close to it. Naturally, our thoughts went immediately to Shane and Corinne's great pain. And we have been very concerned about how she would feel. There is no feeling good about it, but there certainly are stages of bad, and that woman we all love has had enough of the really bad. We're glad she's not as close to this as we feared.
Thank you for the update.
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Date: 12/26/2014 3:34:21 PM
Subject: [tw] More Tragedy, Status Update [Msg#6417]
A lot of Corinne's friends have heard by now that Shane's cousin (same age)
was killed on Christmas Eve, down in the Lancaster, PA, area.
A very good friend just called me to see how we were handling things,
considering our history with Shane; so it seems like this would be a good time
to clear things up as best I can.
Stephanie Kilhefner was Shane's cousin on his Dad's side (his father's
brother's daughter). She had two kids. Her husband turned himself in and
confessed to everything yesterday. I'm not going to offer any details, or even
links to the story, but I've already given enough info that you can google it
if you want to be grossed out.
(We hear about stuff like this in the news all the time, but it's grosser when
it's closer.)
To answer the main question being asked by the friend that called: we're ok I
knew of this cousin but had never met her. Corinne knew her and was friends
with her on Facebook but hadn't seen her since before we met, so it's probably
been twenty years.
There's nothing "good" about this. There's no "phew, that's a relief=2E" What we
have here is another Kilhefner tragedy, the third big one (that I'm aware of)
in the last eleven years.
So we're hurting for them. We know their pain, we're intimately familiar with
it, and we're reminded strongly of it. But we're not living it ourselves right
now, except vicariously.
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