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“Email Clients: MailSmith and”

From: Seth Dillingham In Response To: 236  Computers Suck
Date Posted: Friday, June 22, 2001 4:22:43 PM Replies: 1
Enclosures: None.

I've mentioned this before, but today Greg Pierce reminded me that email software sucks. He mentioned to me that he was starting to like from Apple. I asked him if he'd mind writing up his thoughts about it, and I guess that well written mini-review is the result. Nifty!

I discussed the subject of "Email Clients Suck" for the hundredth time yesterday with Brian Andresen. We're both picky about our email software. It's something we use all day, almost every day. We use it more than the browser, and we both receive hundreds of messages per day.

Clients that have nice interfaces can't handle huge volumes of email in their databases. Clients that can handle my volume of email have annoying - or downright painful - interfaces. There are some clients that fall somewhere in between, but those are usually either weak in both categories, or lack some very important secondary features like powerful filtering or fast searching.

My current software is MailSmith, from BareBones Software. At one point I thought it had been quietly discontinued, because I'm one of their beta testers and it had been a very long time since the last beta release. Thankfully, that turned out to be untrue. I like MailSmith more than anything else I've used since the long-dead Claris Emailer.

It's weird, isn't it? All these companies spending all this money to develop software for a small percentage of the marketplace, but nobody can develop an absolute killer product for 100% of the marketplace - email is ubiquitous, after all - because Microsoft released their software for free.

I'd pay good money for a killer email package.

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