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BBEdit Disclaimer

Two weeks ago, Bare Bones released BBEdit 8.5. I wrote a short post about it then, and said I'd write a longer article later.

Unfortunately, I've come to the conclusion that I'll never make time to do a full treatment of all the stuff I like about 8.5. Instead, I'm going to write numerous shorter ones. That's probably a better approach overall, anyway.

For future reference, I plan to include a link back to this disclaimer on all of the forthcoming, BBEdit-related stories:

Disclaimer: though I'm not an employee of Bare Bones, I was under contract with them for two months to implement some of the new features in in BBEdit 8.5. However, my payment for that work did not and does not depend on the commercial success of this release (it was a fixed fee)... which is a fancy way of saying that I'm not trying to promote BBEdit out of self interest.

I truly enjoyed working with the Bare Bones team and hope to do more in the future, but I'm writing about BBEdit here because I use the software every day and I'm quite fond of the new features. I'll be sure to point out when a feature I'm describing is something I requested, something I implemented, or just something I'm happy to have.

So please don't confuse my writing with any sort of marketing material. I won't claim to be "just another happy user." I'm more like "one part happy user, and one part happy developer."

Last but not least: even though I'm continuing to work with Bare Bones, I'm not seeking their approval for anything I write here.

Not everything I say about BBEdit is going to be positive. There are areas that still need improvement, and I don't plan to shy away from them. There are at least a couple things, in fact, that really bug me. But I also recognize that the only perfect software is the stuff that hasn't yet been written.

So... Why write about it at all, considering I'm still working with Bare Bones? Because I need to. I've been relatively quiet for the last couple of months because I didn't feel I should talk about what I was doing, yet. Now that BBEdit 8.5 has been released and they've moved to doing public betas, I need to start committing to "paper" what I've learned and been thinking about. (Perhaps I'll even tell the story of how this project came about.)

After all, that's sort of the point of this site.

Page last updated: 7/31/2007

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