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Brian Carnell & Knowledge Management

I have to admit to being a little jealous of Brian Carnell, but mostly I'm just very impressed. He's just one man, but he's built a collection of ultra-high quality, content-rich web sites with Conversant. In fact, it's hard to believe that one person has done all that.

I'm not jealous because his sites are so well done, or so useful to so many people. I'm jealous because he uses our software better than anybody else does. There are four or five of us who could justifiably say, "I wrote this software," but none of us have come anywhere close to the utilization that Brian's squeezed out of Conversant.

I know how to do those things, of course, but that's beside the point. Brian's fulfilling my personal vision for Conversant by managing a massive pile of knowledge with it, making it all accessible in unique, creative ways. He's not just managing a weblog, which frankly could be done a little easier with other software.

Of course, if I was doing what Brian's doing, I wouldn't have been able to write my portions of the sofware in the first place.

Could Brian's sites be better? Probably. He could have already categorized all of the information, he could have more categories, he could have summaries for every document, etc., etc. The point, though, is that he did all that by himself, on a shoe-string budget and without it being his "real job".

Beyond jealousy, beyond being impressed, I'm grateful. I've always believed that Conversant is the best tool of its kind, and Brian's helping us prove that every day.

Brian's not the only one pushing for Conversant's horizons, but he's really the only one whose work is dedicated to knowledge management, and that's part of my personal vision. (In fact that's why this piece is here, instead of written with a marketing voice on one of Macrobyte's sites.)

I should write more about knowledge management. It's a topic I've had to teach myself a lot about in the last couple of years.

Update: See What is Knowledge Management?

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