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Does the Rest of the Country Understand?

I have to wonder if the rest of the country has any real idea what a big deal it's going to be if the Red Sox win this game tonight (or any of the three games that could come after it).

Not that it will affect the whole country that much... and that's really the point. New England's losing streak in baseball isn't just legendary across the country, it's part of our six-state culture.

Last week I mentioned that there's no such thing as a Red Sox fan who isn't a die-hard fan. That wasn't true. What's true is that there's no such thing as a Red Sox fan from New England who isn't die hard.

How can you be a fan of a team that you really believe is NOT going to win, no matter how good it looks, without being die hard? How can you watch them come so close to success so many times, only to have it snatched (or thrown!) away, without being die hard?

I'm not exaggerating this. Boston's Dirt Dogs, that bunch of idiots that have never failed to let us down by never failing to fail, could change everything by winning.

Can we still love them, if they do?

Page last updated: 10/27/2004

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