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How to Bring Frontier or Radio to the Front on Startup

Dave Winer wants to know how to bring Frontier to the front on startup, on Windows:

In the spirit of documenting our programming work openly whenever possible, here's a question for Dave Luebbert who is working with me on the outliner, and anyone else who's inclined to poke around the Frontier source.

When the program launches it's only accessible through the Windows system tray. This behavior makes sense for Frontier and Radio, but not for the OPML editor.

It should come to the front when it's launched. I tried adding a call to Frontier.bringToFront to the startup script, thinking that would do it, but it doesn't.

One possible solution, totally script based, is to just ask the OS to open the application for you a second time. I figured this out (years ago) when I noticed that double-clicking Frontier's icon on the desktop will reliably open Frontier's MDI window if the application is already running. (The root of the problem Dave's trying to work around is that launching Frontier on Windows doesn't result in a window, you just get the little mini Frontier icon in the system tray.)

launch.application( Frontier.getProgramPath() )

That's all it takes. Just put that in a startup script (you can actually call it whenever and however you want.)

I'd really like to know if this doesn't work for someone. Please let me know if you have problems with it.

Unfortunately, it looks like he's going with a modification to the kernel. I didn't think that's what he wanted, but maybe this ultra-mini how-to will be useful for someone else, someday.

Page last updated: 4/17/2005

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