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My Cycling Diary, 2001

My Cycling Diary, 2001

I'm a cyclist! I've been riding for years, but it seems that every year I take it a little more seriously, and for the last two years I've been keeping track of my training - including lots of commentary - here on my web site.

Please understand one thing: I'm a speed freak. I ride for distance, but I love the big hills. I hate climbing them, but that's a necessary evil for going down the other side!

I'm too darn big to race professionally (6' 10" tall), or even as an amateur, but I really enjoy riding with other people, and I'm always on the lookout for a group ride in my area. Failing that - which is most of the time - I ride by myself and get small thrills from overtaking every cyclist I find.

If you're ever in the Mystic, CT, area and see a really big guy on a navy blue Canondale hurtling down a hill like he's just escaped from Arkham Asylum and the guys with the white coats are on his tail... well, that's probably me. (You can also find me on Tuesday afternoons at the Mystic Cycling Center, between 5:00 and 5:30.)

Performance Graph

This is the performance graph that shows how my cycling has gone this year. Unfortunately, all it tells you is my average speed for each ride, and the average for the year-to-date after each ride (the yellow line).

My cycling stats for 2001

You can generally see how my performance improves over the course of the season, but dips in the performance are unexplained unless you look more closely at the rest of the diary.

The white line shows my average speed for each ride, wherever the line crosses one of the gray "background lines". The yellow line shows my average speed for the entire season on each date.

One Note

I feel the need to explain one thing about my performance this year as reflected in the graph. You'll see that in mid June my ride speeds started looking really erratic, including one ride that was slower than all of the others. That's because I started riding half-centuries (50 mile rides) around that time, which was way above my normal training rides of 20 - 30 miles. That particularly slow ride - June 16 - has another excuse, too. Read my log entry for that ride for more info.

That's the problem with a graph like this, it can't show you all the information.

Date Total Days Distance  Time  Avg. Dist. Avg. Time Avg. Speed Avg. Weight
April, 2001 8 82.75 miles
(133.22 km)
4:56:51 10.34 miles
(16.65 km)
0:37:06 16.72 m/h
(26.92 km/h)
May, 2001 14 231.95 miles
(373.43 km)
12:43:03 16.56 miles
(26.67 km)
0:54:30 18.23 m/h
(29.36 km/h)
June, 2001 17 448.22 miles
(721.63 km)
25:05:13 26.36 miles
(42.44 km)
1:28:32 17.86 m/h
(28.76 km/h)
July, 2001 17 613.74 miles
(988.12 km)
33:31:38 36.10 miles
(58.12 km)
1:58:19 18.30 m/h
(29.47 km/h)
August, 2001 12 385.41 miles
(620.51 km)
20:07:26 32.11 miles
(51.70 km)
1:40:37 19.15 m/h
(30.83 km/h)
Totals: 68 1762.07 miles
2819.31 km
96:24:11 25.91 miles
(41.71 km)
1:25:03 18.27 m/h
29.42 km/h

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