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Topic: Greg's "Pragmatic Security," for the Rest of You ;-)

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Author: Seth Dillingham


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Greg's "Pragmatic Security," for the Rest of You ;-)

Greg has just published a very pragmatic set of instructions to help "friends and family of geeks" deal with security issues on the internet. Very good recommendations, all of them, and so I'd like to ask all of my friends and family to go check them out. He obviously spent a lot of time writing that essay, and I believe that most will find it an 'easy read'.

He admits it's not a complete solution to everyone. It's a plan to get started. I think it's a good plan.

The most important issue he left out, in my opinion, is the huge number of "phishing" email messages being sent out these days (these are attempts to trick you out of your username and password). Nobody is safe from these, many of them are just too good. I wrote up a little blurb and posted it in a reply to Greg's message, so please include it in your reading.


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