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Topic: PMC Day -1: Travel!

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Author: Seth Dillingham


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PMC Day -1: Travel!

We're leaving for the Pan-Mass Challenge as soon I post this message...

First, we're going to visit Mike at Osborne Correctional Facitlity (about 90 minutes north). He's "almost" on the way, so it's a great excuse to visit. We'll be out of there by 8, and should be at the hotel on the MA/NY line by 9:30.

Looks like it's going to be really hot this weekend. No surprise there.

Have to keep this short, or I'm going to be dragged out of there by my wife. (Speaking of my wife... tomorrow is a big day! And I'll be on my bike for most of it! :-( More later.)

Oh, one last bit of news: Shannon called me today from a halfway house! It's hard to believe she's already out of the prison. Unfortunately, she's a LONG way from here now. Further even than Mike is. Sigh.

We're outta here!


Author: rose lockwood


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Re: PMC Day -1: Travel!

Hi Seth! You may remember being harrassed by the Pink Flamingos on your board last year after being accosted by one of them at MMA. We were Power Rangers this year, at the behest of our 6 year old pedal partner. We looked for you this year, but you are probably happy to know you successfully hid from us. I'm ashamed to say I don't think I have checked back here since then, and yesterday I was able to read about all of the changes in your life. You and your wife are doing an amazing thing, especially in light of the loss of Shane. You are brave, generous, giving, thoughtful people. I hope you continue to enjoy the experience! Rose


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