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Topic: Auction 7: A Better Kitchen Sink Bundle

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Author: Seth Dillingham


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Auction 7: A Better Kitchen Sink Bundle

Auction previewNew auction is up, called Mac Software Bundle: Everything but the Kitchen Sink. This one is a lot like the previous "kitchen sink" auction (which a number of people said they liked), but I think it's a little better.

Just like last time, though, it includes a "twist": in addition to the thirty-nine apps (!) in the bundle, the winner gets to choose one app (or app combo) from a list of the most valuable ($$) that were donated: BBEdit, ConceptDraw, ConceptDraw Mindmap, ConceptDraw Project, Daylite and Daylite AB Menu, DEVON Agent and DEVON Think Pro, ANY TWO apps from the Omni Group (that's so cool, I wish I could bid...), or Page Sender and PDF Pen Pro.

That's quite a list!


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