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Topic: Beware Homicidal Lops

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Author: Seth Dillingham


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# 140

Beware Homicidal Lops

My new favorite comic strip is Sluggy Freelance. I just heard about it last week, and I've already read every panel (over two years worth of a daily strip). Thanks to Brian Carnell for pointing it out on (a site that is definitely not what its name suggests).

Reading it all at once, it's easy to see how the artist, Pete Abrams, has allowed the strip to expand from it's very simple roots. I definitely recommend starting at the beginning and reading it all, or you'll never understand much of what's happening in the comic now.


Author: Seth Dillingham


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# 281

The Kiki and Bun Bun Game

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a real Sluggy Freelance fan, also known as a Sluggite. The comic is very well drawn, is very, very funny, and the story arches are really impressive (and usually months long).

While, Sluggy's third birthday just passed. In celebration of that birthday, Jonathan Leistiko created the Kiki and Bun Bun game, a variation of checkers. The game looks good, though I really haven't had a chance to play it. However, you must go and read the intro to the game right now! It's such a great explanation of the comic, and it's a near-perfect description of how I first read it, too (in a "devouring" manner).

The link came from the Sluggy Freelance home page (, which always has the newest comic and also doubles as a sort of Sluggy-log.


Author: Seth Dillingham


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# 1616

A Sluggite is Born

This makes three people that have said something nice (er... sorta) about me today. Go mark your calendar.

Even more important is that he's giving me credit for ruining his day by addicting him to Sluggy.

It's more proof that public writing spaces give you the power to mold men's minds. Like cheese. Or old bread. Or that container of casserole that was shoved to the back of your fridge and forgotten until it rose up to lead the rest of your food in a rebellion.

Er, I think maybe I've had too much coffe.


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