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Topic: Why Won't You Be My Neighbor?

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Author: Seth Dillingham


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Why Won't You Be My Neighbor?

In Declining Your Friend Request, Apollo writes:

I’m on a large number of social networks. On some of them, people see my profile and add me out of the blue.

After receiving numerous such friend requests, particularly on new social networks, like Twitter and Pownce, I thought I’d put together a list [so you'll know why I declined your invitation].

I totally agree with Apollo. I'm only on a few social networks, but I receive a few too many requests "to be friends" from total strangers.

In fact, a few weeks ago one such request got me into some trouble. See if you can follow this: The potential "friend's" nickname sounded slightly familiar, so I followed the link to see who it was. The page was loading very slowly, and then Rich started talking to me in IM so I brought Adium to the front. One of his messages included a link, which (when clicked) opened in a new tab in Firefox. Time passed, and I forgot all about the page I'd been waiting for. Corinne sat down next to me, I showed her something, and then started shutting down the Mac for the night. As I closed my tabs in Firefox one-by-one (so I could be sure I wasn't leaving any unfinished work anywhere, as I've done many times), there was the link I'd followed from the "friend request": a page on Flickr with a model in all of her, uh... "natural beauty." NOT COOL.

Anyway, I don't care enough about the social networks to bother acknowledging most of the friend requests. I do feel the pressure to reciprocate with people I actually know, but mostly I just wish the networks would go away. How anti-social of me.


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