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Topic: PMC Software Bundles Coming Soon

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Author: Seth Dillingham


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PMC Software Bundles Coming Soon

I really need to start the PMC Software Bundles project this year. The PMC itself is in just two weeks!

This year the project has its own site (can't link to it yet, sorry). I'm going to open it up for the donors first (developers/companies who donate software), then when enough software has been donated the "build your bundle" page will go live for the buyers.

There's some real news to report, too: I won't be processing all the offers myself, this year! One of last year's buyers, Cindy Compton (herself a cancer survivor), has agreed to help me process the offers. Sharing the workload will certainly speed things up. I may be able to talk Corinne into helping a little, too. Anybody who had to wait days — or weeks — for me to dig out from under last year's crushing avalanche of offers will appreciate what a big deal this is.


Author: Rob Allen


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RE: PMC Software Bundles Coming Soon

Excellent news :)

I can imagine that having some help will reduce your stress too.



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