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Please note this is an old page maintained for archival purposes only. I haven't ridden in the PMC for a few years now (as of 2016), so please don't send me donations. If you want to sponsor a rider then please visit

How to Sponsor Me
in the 2009 Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC)

Percentage of funding, 2009August 1-2 marked my SEVENTH participation in the Pan-Mass Challenge!

The PMC is a 192 mile bike ride across Massachusetts. Unfortunately, and very sadly, I didn't get to ride with the group this year, for financial reasons. However, I'm still FULLY committed to raising the money before the deadline!

We raise money for cancer research and treatment, for the Jimmy Fund at Dana-Farber. Approximately 5,000 riders and 3,000 "support volunteers" participate.

Last year (2008), we raised $35,000,000!!!

100% of that money went to the Jimmy Fund.

When signing up for the PMC, the riders commit to raising at least $4,400. (Actually, that commitment goes up almost every year. $3600 last year, $3300 the year before.) That commitment is real: If I don't raise at least the minimum, I'm obligated to give them the balance out of my own money! All riders make that commitment when signing up.

My goal this year is $10,000.

In the last five years, I've raised a total of $36,218.16

Please consider sponsoring my ride. Be generous if you can, but any donation will help! In the last two years, individual sponsors have donated as much as $1500, and as little as $10. Any amount is appreciated.

A few years ago I wrote an essay about why I participate in the PMC, but honestly that's only part of it. The short answer is that I do it because it's important, and because I enjoy it.

What To Do

There are a few ways you can help:

  • Direct Donation

    The best way to help is simple: make a donation directly to the PMC, through my fund-raising account. It's all done via a secure site, and only takes two or three minutes and a credit card.

    That page also allows you to donate stock, and/or set up a "matching grant" if your employer supports charities in that way.

  • Software Auctions

    This one is almost as good as just making a donation. I'm selling Mac software bundles with apps that were donated by the authors and publishers.

    So, a great way to help me raise the funds is: buy some software!

    100% of the proceeds from the auctions go the PMC.

  • Checks in the Mail

    If you prefer, you could just send a check via regular mail. Make it out to "PMC / Jimmy Fund" and mail it to this address:

    Seth Dillingham

  • Ad Revenue

    Until September 30th (five months), all revenue generated by people clicking on any ads here on my site or on the project site will be donated to the PMC.

    So, please look at the ads whenever you visit. See anything interesting? Click on it, and you've made a (very small) donation. Please be fair to the advertisers, though... don't click if you're not interested. (Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to click on my own ads. It's too bad, because the ads are usually related to what I've written about, so I'm interested!)

    In the last few years, this has only generated a couple hundred dollars, but it's better than nothing.

  • Amazon Sales

    I am an Amazon Associate. Need some books, software, electronics, or almost anything else? Consider shopping at Amazon through one of my links. Money raised through my affiliate account will be donated to the PMC, just like the Google ads.

    (If you're in the United Kingdom, please use this link instead.)

Please with any questions about sponsoring my ride in the PMC.


Page last updated: 9/3/2016

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