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Auctioning My Time for the PMC

Auctioning My Time for the PMC

Please note: this page is only left here for posterity's sake! This auction was completed in October of 2004. It was quite successful! Thanks everybody.

I'm writing to all of my current and former clients and business associates to let them know that I'm auctioning off a little bit of my time, with all proceeds going to the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC).

Quick Start

If you already know about the auction, and just want to jump straight to it, you can go straight to the full day of services or the half day of services.

Otherwise, please keep reading!

What is the Pan-Mass Challenge?

The short answer: the PMC is a fundraiser for cancer research and treatment.

The long answer: The PMC is a bike ride across Massachusetts on the first weekend of August. It's approximately 192 miles, ridden by about 4,000 cyclists. More importantly, it's a fundraiser for the Jimmy Fund, which supports the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in Boston, MA.

Each rider commits to raising at least $2,750, and this year the group goal is a full $17 Million. Since the first ride in 1980, the PMC has raised over $102 Million, and when the check is presented in November the all-time total will be $120 Million.

The PMC is a very efficient charity. Last year, 93 percent of all rider-raised funds went straight to the Jimmy Fund and the DFCI.

My Participation in the PMC

This was my second year in the event, and it was a great weekend. You can read more about it on my personal web site.

My personal fundraising goal this year is $3500, and all riders must deliver all their funds to the PMC by October 18th.

What is this Auction?

There are actually three auctions, for services provided by my company, Macrobyte Resources. They're for blocks of time of my programming services: two auctions for a half day (four hours), and one for a full day. These services can include any of the following:

  • programming in perl, php, javascript, usertalk (Frontier), java, applescript, or html
  • mysql database development
  • assistance with content or media-asset management
  • development, improvement, or expansion of a web site in Conversant, php, or even traditional static sites
  • any other technical services you know I can provide but may have neglected to list here

While any business could find some of Macrobyte's services useful, I would expect this auction to be especially attractive to anyone with whom Macrobyte is already doing business: you'll simply pay for four or eight hours of my time with a donation to the PMC, rather than directly to Macrobyte.

100% of the proceeds from these three auctions will go directly to the PMC.


My hope is that these auctions will offer my business clients two reasons to participate: satisfaction in the knowledge that you have helped in the fight against cancer, and access to programming / technical services which you or your business can really use.

When and Where?

When? Now. These items went up for bid on the evening of Thursday, September 16.

Where? At the PMC's own auction site at Here are links to the auctions for the full day of services, and to the half day of services.

Other Ways to Help?

If you don't feel that you or your business can use a block of four or eight hours of my time right now, that's OK. Would you consider a small donation, instead? Even donations as small as $25 will help. Details are here.

Another option is to donate something (almost anything) to the PMC's auction, in my name. Just go to the PMC auction on cMarket and click the "Donate an Item" button on the left of the page. (My registration number is SD0086)

Finally, if bidding on the services or making a donation just aren't options for you this year, how about telling some friends or putting a link to this page on your own web site?


If you have any questions about this auction, or the PMC, or my fundraising efforts, just reply to this email, or send another email to or feel free to call me in my office (860) 572-0244.

Thanks for reading and considering support for cancer research. This disease has stolen friends from my life, from most everyone's lives, and I'm trying to do something about it. Every little bit helps make a difference.


Seth Dillingham
Macrobyte Resources

Page last updated: 8/2/2005

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