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Time for the PMC, I'm Nervous

Friday, August 1, 2003

It's time for the PMC. I've been looking forward to this with growing excitement (and sense of purpose) for half a year, but now I find that I'm quite nervous about what the weekend will hold.

For one thing, it's supposed to rain this weekend. Yuck. Can't possibly be as bad as the Quabbin, but it's twice as long.

Also doesn't help that my new handlebars are too fat to mount my Aero bars, so I'm having to do without until I can afford a new set. All of my training has involved Aero bars, I use them mainly because the bike is a little too small and they let me stretch out. Not sure how well I'll handle two hundred miles of 'compresison.'

Steve and Jim are already riding. A small group does an extra century on Friday, riding from the Mass/NY line to Sturbridge. I'll join them in Sturbridge in a few hours, and tomorrow (at 5:00 AM) we'll all leave for the first half of the ride.

Corinne is coming up Saturday afternoon, so I'm going to stay with her at a hotel instead of suffering in a twin size cot at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. She's really being helpful, driving me to Sturbridge today, then driving up to the MMA tomorrow, and from there out to Provincetown on Sunday to pick me up.

As for the fundraising... well, I didn't get the $2500 yet. Still about $450 to go. Of all the people that I specifically asked for help, only three turned me down entirely (one with the single word, "No."), so I obviously didn't ask enough people. The money is not actually due this weekend, or else I'd be panicking. Hopefully I'll find enough after-the-fact sponsorship to wrap this up within a few weeks.

I'm outta here! Enjoy your weekend, everybody. (I will post something Saturday night if I can, but I'm not counting on it.)

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