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PMC 2004: It's Time! This Year, I'm Just Excited

Friday, August 6, 2004

Corinne and I will be leaving shortly for the PMC. Last year at this time, I was very nervous, as I had no idea what to expect. This year, I'm not nervous at all, just so excited I can barely contain myself.

We have Jed's Durango, as he's now on his way to Silverstar Bible School in British Columbia for a week. Last year, our Blazer first started having transmission 'issues' on the drive to the PMC. The garage has since said that the only fix is to replace the tranny, but it hasn't gotten worse at all so we've just ignored it... but it'll be nice to have a newer vehicle with no known problems for the weekend.

The weather is supposed to be excellent both Saturday and Sunday. Mid-to-upper 70's with low humidity, perfect for riding. Last year it rained heavily for the first four or five hours.

Wish me luck! (And even better, if you haven't pledged yet, please do!

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