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PMC 2004: Friday Afternoon: Really, I Need to Just Calm Down

August 6, 2004

The Trip

The PMC starts at the Sturbridge Host Hotel in Sturbridge, MA. The drive there from our home in Mystic, CT, took Corinne and I about 90 minutes, and we arrived around 3:30 PM.

I was so excited about this trip that I could barely contain myself all day. There had been no riding on Thursday and Friday, so that I'd be fully energized on the weekend, but that also meant that I was practically bouncing off the walls all day. I was at my worst in the truck on the way there, and at one point Corinne yelled in exasperation, "If you don't settle down, I'm taking you right back home again!" :-) Sound like she's talking to a kid? Well, I probably deserved it.

Real Reason

There's a real and serious reason for this event, one which I'm acutely aware of, but that doesn't mean the riders and volunteers can't enjoy it! Last year the weekend was great in spite of the bad weather, poor equipment, and my lack of physical preparation. I guess it would be a great weekend no matter what the weather or circumstances, because it's a chance to do something we love with a group that feels energized in its cause.

This weekend has huge meaning to the lives of so many people: those with cancer, those who have survived cancer, family members of both, the researchers who need money to seek for cures, and the clinicians who put those cures to use with their patients. This takes what would be a great weekend on the bike to a level that I can't really hope to capture in words and photos.

Registration, Steve Harper and Jason Cicero

After we were moved into our room at the Scottish Inn, Corinne took a nap and I took the PMC shuttle to the Host for registration and to find Steve and Jim. To my surprise, as the bus pulled into the parking lot I saw Steve Harper and Jason Cicero sitting off to the side, just looking around and chatting.

Steve H. and Jason aren't in the PMC this year, but rode with about 25 others (including Steve Davis and Jim Boyko) from the New York line, through the Berkshires (small mountains, really big hills) to Sturbridge. They'd had a good day, and were about to head home, but it was great to chat with them for a few minutes. I suggested that we try getting together for a ride on the day before our New England Fraternal Gathering in October, they loved the idea. I hope we can work it out.

I went in to register, said goodbye to Jason and Steve, and then went to the information desk to find out where the food was hiding. :-) As I waited to ask my question, two folks at the info desk (one of them behind the counter) were discussing the rumor that Lance Armstrong would actually be there for the opening ceremonies tonight. We all agreed that it wasn't very likely, but it was a pretty cool rumor anyway. "I'm not a Lance fan," I kept repeating to myself, as I got a little excited about the possibility of seeing him on stage.

Dinner, Steve Davis and Jim Boyko

Steve (Davis) had sent me his cell phone number in email a week earlier, so we could hook up Friday night. I called him, we agreed to meet in the tent for dinner (now that I knew where it was), but I couldn't find him! I sat with a couple in their 50's from Cape Code and chatted about preparation for the ride and how we got into the PMC, what bikes we're riding, etc., etc. Eventually Steve came in and started looking for me, and I switched tables (the other couple was done eating and ready to head to their rooms for the night, anyway). Also at the table were (a head-shaved) Jim Boyko, Chris Rawsen and his wife, Steve's friend Mike Lucas, and a couple others I didn't know.

Round Trip

After dinner, Steve and I picked out some seats for the Opening Ceremonies for our little group, and then I took the shuttle back to the hotel again at 6:45. I wanted to drop off the bag-o-stuff they'd given me when I signed in, say hi to Corinne, and pick up my camera. Unfortunately, I couldn't take the shuttle back to the Host in time for the ceremony, because the shuttle driver had to take a dinner break, so Corinne dropped me off (I could still take the shuttle back to our hotel again afterwards).

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