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PMC 2005: Day Minus One (Travel Day)

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Last night my ride (Andrew) to the NY line got very sick. I saw him at Bible class, and he didn't have to say anything. I didn't want to sit in the car with someone looking that sick for hours on the afternoon before an important weekend like this!

So I asked around. Michelle jumped at the chance to drive me out there. Michelle jumps at the chance to help anyone do anything, ever. She didn't even know where I needed to go yet, nor how long it would take (Westerly to Western Mass, six or seven hours round trip)! On the other hand, Michelle is a childhood-cancer survivor, so the offer was tempting (considering the nature of the trip)... but we (Mark and I) talked her out of it. Besides, I'm not sure that I would have have fit in her little car.

I asked Ellyn if she could do it... she seemed to be willing if it was absolutely necessary, but offered instead to pay for a hotel room out there instead. "I'd rather pay for the hotel room than drive all that way!" This was a perfect solution! Now Corinne and I could drive out together, stay in a hotel, and she'd just drive from there to Sturbridge on Friday morning.

So, Corinne worked this morning, and then we left this afternoon at about 2:45 in Jed's truck. (We traded for the weekend, just like last year.)

Before we left, I needed to pick up some new cycling gloves: my Perl Izumi Gel Lite's were worn out. No padding left, and I had decided that's why my left wrist hurt so badly. Mystic Cycle had nothing in stock. Nor did Rose City Cycle, just up the street from my house. I decided to wait until we were in the hotel room, and try one of the local shops.

The drive was uneventful.

After the truck was unpacked, I called one of the bike shops in West Stockbridge. They had just closed at 6:00, but waited for me to drive over so I could pick up some gloves.

They didn't carry Perl Izumi, but suggested I try a pair of Chiba gloves. I'd never even heard of them, but these are some nice gloves! The padding on the palms is well positioned and not too thick, the velcro strap on the back uses some sort of extra-strength velcro, and -- best of all -- each glove has two little "pull straps" sewn between a couple of the fingers. These pull straps make it ridiculously easy go get the gloves off again.

I was used to my PI's, so I guess we'll see how these new gloves hold up to 300 miles of punishment. It's usually a real bad idea to change anything for a big event (food, clothes, or equipment), but I have no choice.

Tomorrow's a big day, so I need to get some sleep.

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