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PMC 2006: Day -1: Logistics!

PMC LogoThursday, August 3, 2006

Somehow — in spite of my excitement — I spent most of this day working. In fact, too much of it: one of my clients needed an "eleventh hour fix" (in his words), and so we didn't get out of the house until much later than we'd hoped for. (I won't bother saying "than we planned," because we don't really plan these things!)

The heat wave finally broke as we left town. Literally. Our first stop was at my parents' place, to borrow Mom's cell phone for the weekend. The temperature dropped twelve degrees in those ten miles, and the rain started falling. Whoo, what a relief! If it had stayed hot all weekend, there would have been a lot of people going to the hospital.

The second stop was Avis, at the Bradley airport in Hartford. We don't trust the Blazer for long trips, and they're renting mid-size cars for just $15/day. (Unfortunately, this time we ended up with a four cylinder PT Cruiser. Plenty of head room, barely enough leg room, but not nearly enough engine. It could barely maintain 65 on the hills, in cruise control, even after shifting down a couple of gears.) We switched everything over to the rental, and parked the Blazer in el-cheapo long-term parking (another $6/day).

Last stop: the hotel in Lenox, MA, near the NY border.

Somehow, I'd forgotten to eat anything all day. What's up with that?! Who "forgets" to eat? Knowing I'd pay for it tomorrow, but that it would be worse if I didn't eat anything, I had a large dinner of baked ziti (and a slice of Corinne's pizza) from Arizona Pizza.

With the gatorade icing down in the coolers, the alarm set for 5:00 AM and the wake-up call requested for 5:15, we were trying to sleep by 11:00.

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