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PMC 2008: Day -1, "Holy Screwed Up Feet, Batman!"

Thursday, July 31, 2008

“Day -1” is the travel day from home in Mystic, CT to our hotel on the MA/NY line in West Stockbridge, MA. This day is normally quite uneventful, if slightly stressful. I sleep poorly the night before (mostly due to excitement), work in the morning instead of packing, hear a little (deserved) fussing from Corinne because I haven't yet packed, then finally pack everything into the car and leave.

Things were a little different this year. I slept well, and only worked for less than an hour in the morning, while Corinne was at a doctor's appointment (checkup), and manage to pack most of my clothes before she returned. I checked my Gmail account to see if any new software donations had come in, and found that someone had donated 1,000 licenses of his app!

After Corinne returned and we finished the packing, I started loading up the minivan which we borrowed from my Dad for the trip. My bike was the last item to go in, and I was prepping it in the garage. Dad was holding Lauren, and kept "peeking" her out around the garage door so I could say "boo!" and make her giggle a little. The last time he did it, I jumped at her to get a bigger reaction... and my left foot landed squarely on an old screw on the garage floor.

The screw wasn't pointing straight up, or it would have gone all the way through my foot (it was a couple inches long). Landing on it must have turned it so that it stood up a bit, because it still managed to penetrate 1/3 to 1/2 of an inch into the soft part of my foot, right behind the ball and above the arch. It hurt, obviously, and I just ripped it out with my right hand immediately. Which also hurt, and took a little plug of skin with it.

That skin-plug was probably a good thing. There's much less chance for infection when the infected skin is immediately pruned/bowled out, right?

I freaked out a little, and ran for the bathroom to wash it out. All I could think about was the amazing timing of this accident, that it could cancel or at least ruin my PMC for me. Waaah! That was completely unnecessary, though: it bled well, and stopped hurting (mostly) after a couple minutes of flushing it out with cold water.

Once on the road (before 1 p.m., also a first), we actually — and I think for the first time — managed to leave without having to go back for something we'd forgotten. We gassed up in Norwich and stopped at Olympic Pizza for lunch (took it with us), and other than one or two rest stops we drove straight through to the Pleasant Valley Motel in West Stockbridge, MA. (That's the same place we stayed last year, and they gave us a very nice rate.)


Totally forgot to include this when I first wrote up the story!

I've been eating granola cereal with fresh blueberries for breakfast for a couple of months now. I can't prove it's made a difference in the cycling or the weightloss, but I believe it has helped. Plus, I love it.

We didn't have any with us, so after we moved into the hotel room, we went out to find some. We drove. And drove. And drove. Apparently everybody in Western Massachusetts grows all of their own food, because there are practically no grocery stores!

Miss funny-pants was seen walking on the side of the road with her boyfriend three different times. Some of our driving was, um... aimless.

We finally found a small market and Corinne slipped in the door just as they were closing. One of the clerks wanted to help her, but he didn't speak English very well. Remembering some of her High School Spanish, Corinne said, "Azul...?" It worked, he understood! Unfortunately, they were all out.

After she returned to the car (empty handed) and told me the story, I had this idea for a "Who's on First?"-style sketch where a typical American asks a Frenchman how to say blue in French. "Bleu?" "Yes, Blue, how do you say it?" "Bleu!" etc., etc., etc. :-)

Eventually we found a small grocery story in Lee (I think it was Lee), got my breakfast, and headed back to the hotel.

The Huckleberries planned to meet on the NY line at 7:00 a.m. for a "wheels down" ride-out at 7:30, so I was in bed at about 10:00 and fell asleep more easily than expected.

Other than the hole in my foot, Thursday was a great day. It's nice for Corinne and I to spend some time with just each other, once in a while. :-)

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