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2008 PMC Software Auctions

Mac Developers Wanted

Background #

Donor Guide

If you donate software, here's how it will work (for most folks):

  • Send me an email.

    Tell me how many licenses you're providing, the name of the application, retail price, and URLs where I can read more. I will request a copy of your icon file with the alpha/transparency mask, so you could save us some time by just including it!

  • Please donate at least five licenses per application.

    If I have at least five of everything, I can do that many identical auctions. This saves me a LOT of time. (This project is already a lot of work...)

  • Make sure that my email address (seth (dot) dillingham (at) gmail (dot) com) can get through your spam filters.

    Have had lots of problems with donors not responding to important questions.

  • After a sale, I'll send you the buyer's full registration info.

    Not every app is included in every bundle. If your app was included in the bundle, you'll get an email from me.

  • You send the registration codes (serial numbers) or "license files" to me.

    There may be exceptions, but they make things more difficult for me.

  • The registration codes are included on the winning bidder's customized CD or disk image.

    See "End result", below.

Other Important Points

  • Auctions and bundle sales will start as soon as there have been enough donations! I'd like to start in July.
  • This page is regularly updated with the donor and software list, which is at the bottom.
  • End result:
    • each winning bidder only gets one email (instead of dozens) to tell them where to download their bundle (or that their disc is in the mail)
    • you (the developer) have all of the registration info for handling updates, lost keys, etc
    • the winners are less likely to lose their registrations because they're in a file on the CD (or disk image) with the software.

    Please let me know if this won't work for you, for any reason. Special cases may be necessary, and shipping retail boxes directly to the winning bidders will always be a great option.

  • I also accept boxed retail copies! In 2007, for example, an Adobe employee donated a copy of Flash CS3, which sold for over $500.

PMC August 1st, 2nd and 3rd (Friday - Sunday), I'll be riding my bike across the state of Massachusetts in the PMC, along with about 5500 other riders. Riding the bike for 300 miles is the easy part. The real challenge is meeting my $10,000 goal for this cancer-care-and-treatment charity.

If you want to know more about the ride, or my participation in it, start here or even try the pmc channel on the journal.

This is the third year I've done these software auctions to raise money for this charity.

The biggest part of my fundraising plan this year is this Software Auction.

I need hundreds of donations in order to meet my goal this year. Last year was awesome, but I want to do even better this year.

Auctions #

The auctions (and bundle sales) will start in early August, immediately after the main PMC event. I have until early October to raise the funds, so I expect to do most of the selling in August and September.

The Plan #

This page is specifically for software developers (both indies and larger companies!).

I'm looking for donations of mac software from the developers. The donated software will be sold for charity.

I'll sell it in two different ways:

  1. Some of it will be burned to CDs. The CDs will be auctioned on eBay. 100% of the auction (minus the cost of the auction and credit card processing) will be donated directly to the Pan-Mass Challenge.

  2. The rest of it will be "sold" through the PMC itself. Technically, this isn't a sale, but is a gift in appreciation of a donation.

    How does this work? People "make me an offer" for bundles of at least two apps. If the offer is good enough, they make a donation to the PMC and email the receipt to me as proof. This worked quite well, and is much faster than the auctions.

Buyers can receive their apps in one of two ways: I'll burn a CD with all of the software in the bundle, and mail it along with a printout (and/or email) with their license codes for each application, or I'll create a disk image and put it on a server for them to download. (Some people just want a disk image to save the shipping fees.)

When I'm running the auctions, I run lots of different "sets," but none of the sets contain a copy of every app. Last year I did sets for web developers, graphics, programmers, games, utilities, and lots of others.

Last year this project raised over $5,000 (out of my total of about $7,600). This year, my goal is $10,000.

All proceeds will be donated to the Pan-Mass Challenge, and in turn to the Jimmy Fund, for the research and treatment of cancer at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The Pan-Mass Challenge is one of the most efficient charities in the world (over 99% of all rider-raised funds are passed through directly to the Jimmy Fund). I won't make a penny from any of this.

Please help me to make these auctions irresistible! I'd like to have hundreds of different titles. I won't say no to the donations of any reputable mac apps until I've met my goal.

To my friends, peers, and heroes in the industry: are you willing to step up and donate some software? Please contact me, ASAP. I'd like to start the auctions in early August, but I need your help.

The Donors #

Warning: don't take the "What is it?" column too seriously. ;-) Most of the developers don't provide these "one-liners" so I make something up after looking at the software's web site.

Donor Product # What is it? Retail Val.
Bare Bones Software BBEdit 5+ Text Editor Extraordinaire (for programmers, web developers, and text twiddlers of all stripes) $125.00
Bare Bones Software Yojimbo 5+ Information Organizer / Virtual Junk Drawer / Master of Onslaughts $39.00
C-Command Software DropDMG 5+ Utility. Powerful tool for creating disk image files. I use this all the time. :-) $20.00
C-Command Software EagleFiler 5+ Information Manager. Archive and search mail, Web pages, PDFs, chats, and more. $40.00
C-Command Software SpamSieve 5+ Email. Excellent spam filtering tool, works with most mail clients. I'm a huge fan of this app! $30.00
An Adobe Employee Adobe Flash CS3 Professional 1 Web, software development. Full retail version of the development environment for producing Flash applets. $699.00
An Adobe Employee Adobe Illustrator CS3 1 Graphics, illustration. Full retail version of the vector graphics drawing app. It's Illustrator... why do I have to describe it? $599.00
Outer Level LicenseKeeper 5 Utility. Keep track of your software licenses. Could be very handy for the auction winners! $19.95
nolobe Interarchy 5 Internet. FTP client software for transferring files to and from servers. $59
nolobe Iris 5 Graphics. Photo editing. $79
macitbetter BetterZip 10 Utility. Manages file archives like ZIP, Tar, GZip, etc. Extract individual files without expanding the whole archive, browse archives as if they're folders. $19.95
Bartas Technologies CopyWrite 5 Writing. Project management and editor for writers. $24.99
Bartas Technologies Transcriva 5 Transcription. Use your mac as a dictation device. $19.99
Bartas Technologies Temporis 5 Graphics? Time? Creates timelines (charts) for print, web, presentations, etc. $24.99
Flying Meat Software Voodoo Pad 5 Put your brain in your own, personal Wikipedia. $29.95
Flying Meat Software FlySketch 5 Utility. Draw, highlight everywhere. $24.95
Flying Meat Software Acorn 5 Graphics. An easy to use image editor for humans. $49.95
GGT Enterprises, LLC. ReceiptWallet 10 Scan, store, and organize receipts and documents with ease. $39.95
IOSPIRIT GmbH Remote Buddy 10 Use your remote control to control your entire mac. €19.99
M Cubed Software Minim 10+ Track and organize the files and people involved in creating music and podcasts. €20.00
M Cubed Software Code Collector Pro 10+ Put all your code snippets in one place. Like iPhoto or iTunes for programmers. €20.00
JonNathanSoftware Dialectic 5 Telephony. Dial your Bluetooth, VOIP, or "regular" phone from your mac, using any phone number stored anywhere (your address book, a web page, whatever). $25.00
JonNathanSoftware EntourageABMenu 5 Utility. Use your Microsoft Entourage address book data anywhere via this system-wide menu. $15.00
JonNathanSoftware DayliteABMenu 5 Utility. Use your Daylite address book data anywhere via this system wide menu. (Coincidentally, MarketCircle donated an equal number of licenses to Daylite itself!) $15.00
Azure Talon Exces 10+ Utility. “File encryption made easy.” €19.50
Dejal Simon 5+ Web. Web site and server monitoring. (Standard Edition) $59.95
Dejal Caboodle 5+ Utility. Snippet and image collector. (Household Edition) $19.95
Dejal Narrator 5+ Read out stories in multiple voices. (Household Edition) $24.00
Wooji Juice Voluminous 5 eBook reader and "internet librarian" $30.00
Helium Foot Software Mercury Mover 50+ Move and resize windows with your keyboard. $24.00
Stairways Software Keyboard Maestro 5+ Macro program with multiple clipboards, Program and Window switcher and lots of actions. $36.00
Red Sweater Software Black Ink 5 Games. Solve crossword puzzles with panache $24.95
Red Sweater Software Clarion 5 Music. Training partner to help you recognize musical intervals. $14.95
Red Sweater Software Fast Scripts 5 Utility. Run scripts from the keyboard or menu. $14.95
Red Sweater Software FlexTime 5 Utility. Innovative timer to manage your repetitive activities. $18.95
Red Sweater Software MarsEdit 5 Web Publishing. Weblog authoring tool that works with most server-side weblog systems. (Including Conversant!) $29.95
foggynoggin Desktopple Pro 10+ Utility. Hide everything on your desktop for making screenshots and presentations. $17.00
Stunt Software Overflow 5 Utility. Flexible (and pretty!) app and document launcher. $14.95
Stunt Software On The Job 5 Time tracker. Track the time spent on projects. $24.95
Stunt Software Downsize 5 Photography. Resize batches of photos, add watermarks and frames, more. $19.95
western civilisation pty. ltd. Style Master 10 Design, code and debug your CSS. One license is good for both Mac and Windows version, and includes a free upgrade to version 5 (which is coming soon). $59.99
iwascoding GmbH GarageSale (Family Pack) 5 Web. eBay auction manager. $59.99
iwascoding GmbH GarageSale Basic 5 Web. eBay auction manager, simplified version of GarageSale $24.99
iwascoding GmbH GaragePay 5 Web. Desktop PayPal client. $24.99
Skorpiostech, Inc. Changes 10 Programming utility. Text differencing and directory comparison tool for OS X 10.5 (Leopard) featuring Xcode, TextMate, and BBEdit integration. $39.95
A Single Pixel TimeFlyer 5 Visualize time by easily creating horizontal and vertical timelines. $24.95
Many Tricks yFlicks 5 Movie Utility. Full-blown movie manager for organizing anything from home movies to clips downloaded from the web, with integrated player that doesn't assume it should keep everything it plays. €15.95
Many Tricks Leech 5 Lightweight download manager. €9.95
Many Tricks Witch 5 Window and application switcher. €9.95
Agile Web Solutions 1Passwd 50+ Web. 1Password is the most popular password manager for Mac. It keeps track of all your web passwords, automates sign-in, guards from identity theft, and allows you to stop worrying about your safety while online.

Note that AWS donated "as many licenses as I can use", but they'll probably be auctioned in groups of 3 or more, or we may simply include one with every bundle.
Code Sorcery Workshop Pukka 5 Web Utility. Quickly post to and other social bookmarking sites. $16.95
Code Sorcery Workshop Meerkat 5 Utility. SSH tunnel manager. $19.95
Martian Technology LLC Martian SlingShot 5+ Utility. Keep your files and folders synchronized between two macs. Special features for synchronizing the songs in iTunes playlists. Based on a sort of "publish and subscribe" system. $29.99
Martian Technology LLC Martian LifeBoat 5+ Utility. Backs up important data onto external drives as soon as they're connected. Works with Flash-based drives (thumb drives), FireWire or USB drives, etc. $13.99
Karelia Software Sandvox Pro 5 Web. Web site design and creation, with integrated wysywig editor. $79.00
Sugoi Software Jisho 10+ Japanese-English dictionary with over 100,000 entries. $15.00
Sugoi Software Byoyomi 10+ “Life is short and Byōyomi knows the time. Do what you want, it will notify you exactly when it's supposed to.” $12.00
Reilly Technologies Moneydance 10+ Intuitive personal finance application $39.00
Shirt Pocket SuperDuper! 25 Utility. System backup and recovery for mere mortals. $27.95
The Escapers Flux 10 Web design (XHTML and CSS) and development, with built-in support for AJAX and Ruby-on-Rails, and site-management tools. $69.00
GroupSmarts, LLC MemoryMiner 10+ Digital Storytelling application, used to discover the threads connecting peoples’ lives across time and place. $45.00
Robert Kuilman Media Catalog 10 Digital media indexing application. $24.99
StinkBot TubeSock 5 [video, ipod] Downloads and converts YouTube and DailyMotion videos, and places them on your iPod. $15
noodlesoft Hazel Family Pack 5 Utility. Automatically organizes your files in folders you choose. Works like an email filtering system. $39.95
Fat Cat Software iPhoto Library Manager 5 Photography. Allows you to have multiple, distinct iPhoto libraries. Split and merge libraries, copy files between libraries. Greatly useful if your iPhoto library has grown too large. $19.95
Fat Cat Software PowerTunes 5 Music. Organize multiple iTunes libraries and music folders. $19.95
Fat Cat Software PlistEdit Pro 5 Utility. Property list editing for software developers and power users. $24.95
Bruji DVDpedia 5 Stuff Tracker. Keep a catalog of all of your DVDs, and who has borrowed them. $18.00
Bruji Bookpedia 5 Stuff Tracker. Keep a catalog of all of your books, and who has borrowed them. $18.00
Bruji CDpedia 5 Stuff Tracker. Keep a catalog of all of your CDs, and who has borrowed them. $18.00
Bruji Gamepedia 5 Stuff Tracker. Keep a catalog of all of your computer/console games, game status, and links to cheat and walkthrough pages. And who borrowed them. $18.00
Zykloid Software Posterino 10+ Graphics. Create stunning life posters, postcards and photo frames. $24.95
Advenio MacGourmet 5 Kitchen. Recipe manager with interface and features similar to iTunes. $24.95
Advenio SQL Grinder 5 Database. Manage SQL databases. $59.00
Ambrosia Software Aki Mahjong 5 Game. Mahjong Solitaire, blends ancient Chinese Mahjong with a journey across Japan. $20.00
Ambrosia Software DEFCON 5 Game. Remember the 80's movie, War Games? This is that game. $25.00
Ambrosia Software Uplink 5 Game. High tech computer crime and industrial espionage on the Internet of 2010. $25.00
Ambrosia Software WireTap Studio 5 Audio Utility. Record anything, live preview, lossless editing, scheduled recordings. $69.00
Ambrosia Software SnapzPro X w/ Movies 5 Utility. Screen capture and screen casting. $69.00
Ambrosia Software Apeiron X 5 Game. Kill the pentipede and his minion misfits. Or, die. $15.00
Ambrosia Software Bubble Trouble X 5 Game. “Ok, Mr. Fishy, your days of suavely swimming around the fishbowl are numbered!” $15.00
Mariner Software MacJournal 5 Web. Desktop journaling, blogging, and podcasting. $34.95
Mariner Software MacGourmet Deluxe 5 Kitchen. Build and share recipes, plan and organize wine and meals. $44.95
Mariner Software StoryMill 5 Writing. Part word processor, part database and includes a timeline feature that interactively displays a story across time. $44.95
Bains Software ShareTool 25 Access your home network remotely. $20.00
Bains Software TrashCache 25 Automatic trash management $20.00
Bains Software SpamSweep 25 Bayesian spam filter and mail checker $25.00
TLA Systems, Ltd. DragThing 5 A dock-like app designed to tidy up your desktop. $29.00
TLA Systems, Ltd. PCalc 5 Full-featured scientific calculator with loads of extras. $19.00
Sillysoft Lux Delux 10 Games. World and universal domination. $24.95
the iconfactory Twitterific 5 Twitter client. Twitterific is to social web apps what NetNewsWire is to RSS. $14.95
the iconfactory Frenzic 5 Fast paced puzzle game. $24.95
the iconfactory iPulse 5 Utility. Graphically display the inner workings of Mac OS X on desktop or dock. Lots of prefs, hide gauges you don't care about. $12.95
the iconfactory IconBuilder 5 Graphics. Filter for Photoshop and Fireworks that makes it easy to create icon files for both Mac and Windows. $79.00
Mere Mortal Software Inspire Me 50+ Display random phrases on the desktop, in Growl windows, etc. $12.95
Obvious Matter DiskLibrary 25 Utility. Media cataloging. Catalog the full contents and structure of all of your CD/DVD-ROM, Zip, memory sticks, etc. Creates thumbnails, and caches metadata like song and movie length and photo exif tags. $39.00
Realmac Software RapidWeaver 25 Web development. “Powerful website creation for everyone.” $79.00
Realmac Software RapidWeaver Family Pack 5 Web development. “Powerful website creation for everyone.” 5-user Family (Or Small Office) $129.00
metaquark Aurora 25 Utility. An alarm clock for your Mac. €15.00
cocoatech Path Finder 4 5 Utility. “Path Finder is a powerful file browser and Finder alternative with tabs, many built-in utilities, and much more.” $34.95
FunkeeMonk Technology PhoneJournal 5 SMS and MMS backup/viewer for Treo and Centro. iPhone support coming soon. $24.95
TinyPlanet Software, LLC Knapsack 10 Travel. Personal travel organizer which allows you to plan, organize, and relive your adventures. $39.95
Like Thought, LLC Opacity 10 Graphics. Create resolution-independent graphics for on-screen use. Great for icons. $89.00
Like Thought, LLC Lexicon 10 Education. A new way to learn languages. $25.00
Click on Tyler VirtualHostX 10 Web Development. Eases configuration of multiple virtual hosts in Apache. $7.00
SmileOnMyMac, LLC PDFpen 5 PDF Editing, merging, signing and compression. $49.95
SmileOnMyMac, LLC PageSender 5 Fax. Fax or email anything you can print. Integrates with PDFpenPro, too. $39.95
SmileOnMyMac, LLC DiscLabel 5 Graphics. CD/DVD labels and packaging design. $35.95
SmileOnMyMac, LLC TextExpander 5 Utility. Expands text abbreviations with the "real thing" as you type. Causes Leo Laporte to say funny things. $29.95
atebits, LLC Scribbles 25+ Graphics. Simple drawing for mac. $19.95
HungrySeacow Software YummySoup! 10 Kitchen. Recipe manager. Easy to use, fast recipe entry, friendly app, hilarious icon. $20.00
one-button mouse DomainBrain 5 Web Development. Tool that helps webmasters and designers keep track of server and login information for websites they maintain. $14.00
DayTime Software Differencia 5+ Utility. Data comparison and diff too that can compare data files from different applications, even if file and data formats do not match. $39.95
The Omni Group OmniWeb 5 Web browser. “Advanced web browsing that's easy and fun.” $14.95
The Omni Group OmniOutliner 3 Professional 5 Productivity and Organization. “Capture your ideas, organize your universe.” $69.95
The Omni Group OmniGraffle 5 Professional 5 Graphics/Diagramming. “The premier diagramming application for Mac OS X just got a whole lot better.” $199.95
The Omni Group OmniPlan 5 “Project management made painless” $149.95
The Omni Group OmniWeb 5 Presentations. “Screen effects for presentations and more” $14.95
The Omni Group OmniFocus 5 Productivity. “Professional grade personal task management.” $79.95
Gaucho Software Seasonality 5 “Weather taken to the next level.” $24.95
you software you control 5 “Create powerful custom menus with all kinds of information at your fingertips.” $29.95
you software you control: desktops 5 Customizable virtual desktops. $29.95
you software you control: fonts 5 WYSIWYG font menus and group fonts by family. $19.95
roobasoft rooSwitch 20 Utility. Manage multiple sets of data and settings for a program (as if the program supported mulitple user profiles). $14.95
Stuffed Iggy Software Selenium 10 Research. “Write, cite and conduct research online, all in one window.” $15.00
Shiny Development Ltd. Speakapedia 10 Audio. “Listen to Wikipedia on your Mac, iPod or iPhone” $14.95
Dream Capture & The Dream Apps Dream Capture 100 Simple Mac video recording. $9.95
Rainmaker Research Inc. Spell Catcher X 5 Writing. “Spell checking in 15 languages, shorthand expansions, thesaurus, dictionary definitions, text manipulation and more.” $39.95
Apokalypse Software Corp. Mori 5+ Notes. “Your notes, organized.” $39.95
Apokalypse Software Corp. Mori Family Pack 5+ Notes. “Your notes, organized.” Five-license family pack. $99.95
Apokalypse Software Corp. Clockwork 5+ Utility. “On time, in style.” Slick desktop timer. $19.95
Apokalypse Software Corp. Clockwork Family Pack 5+ Utility. “On time, in style.” Slick desktop timer. Five-license family pack. $49.95
Apokalypse Software Corp. Cocoalogue 5 Programming. Unreleased Smalltalk scripting language for MacOS X. Transparent interfaces to Objective-C classes, and is invoked from the command line like any perl or Ruby script. Due to be released soon, get one of the first five licenses before it's generally available! $129.95
Now Accepting Donations!
Your App Here
(But please see the bullet points in the Donor Guide!)

Total Applications: (Goal: 150)

Total Licenses:

Total Value:

These numbers are based on the "#" and "Retail Val." columns in the table above.

Many donors offered all the licenses I need to make the project a success, but I've only listed the minimum I expect to use.

In other words, if a donor said I could have all the licenses I need, then I listed them as "5+", because all I know for sure is that I'll use five copies.

Links #

If you'd like to link to this story, or want to encourage your favorite software developer to participate, that's great! I can use all the help I can get. Please use this link, or one of the following image links (they all use versions of the image at the top of this page):

500 x 331 PNG, Transparent Background

<a href=""><img
  width="500" height="331" align="left" alt="Donate Software, Fight Cancer" /></a>

500 x 331 GIF, Transparent Background

Smaller file but lower quality.

<a href=""><img
  width="500" height="331" align="left" alt="Donate Software, Fight Cancer" /></a>

300 x 198 PNG, Transparent Background

<a href=""><img
  width="300" height="198" align="left" alt="Donate Software, Fight Cancer" /></a>

300 x 198 JPEG, White Background

<a href=""><img
  width="300" height="198" align="left" alt="Donate Software, Fight Cancer" /></a>

* The "Developers Wanted" image was provided by Carmelyne Thompson. Thanks!

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