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Make Me An Offer!

Hey, all, I guess I've made it clear by now that setting up all these auctions takes a HUGE amount of time. The worst of it is trying to figure out what apps "go well together" under a given theme.

So here's an idea: make me an offer! (Keep in mind that it's for charity, please. Don't be too cheap.) Look over the CRAZY LONG list of software that's been donated, pick out what you think you'd like, and make me an offer. If it's reasonable and I can do it, the next step(s) will be as follows:

  1. You make a donation directly to my fundraising account at the PMC for the agreed amount. This requires trusting me a little since it's not being overseen by somebody like eBay, but this way all of the money goes to the charity. (What about shipping? You can either paypal a little money to me for shipping, or I'll put a .dmg file on my server for you to download, and you can burn your own disc.)
  2. Send me a copy of your receipt.
  3. I use your address from the receipt to register your software.
  4. Wait between a day and a week for the registrations to come back. Most will come to me, some will go to both of us.
  5. When all of the registration codes have come in, I'll build your .dmg file, put it on a web server, and send you the URL. (It has all the software, and all of the registration codes.)
  6. You download the file, install the software, and verify that I didn't screw anything up. Send me a note to let me know.

So, please make me an offer!

Percentage of funding, 2007Update September 14, 2007: We Did It

We've now surpassed the goal of $6,600. We're currently at $6,666.39. Another $275 was sent to me by other means and which I still need to send to the PMC. There are a couple of offers still pending, worth at least another $150. In the end, it looks like we'll be close to or slightly over $7,000.

Thank you, everybody!

We'll continue to accept offers through the end of the day today (Friday). Then we're closing the project down until some time next year.

Please see this explanation of why I'm offering all this software in the first place. It's a charity that raises money for cancer research and treatment. I'm not making any money from this at all.

Finally, a bit of guidance for those making offers. Any offer will be considered, but remember I'm not doing this for profit: I'm trying to raise $6600 for a cancer charity. Be as generous as you can afford to be, and we'll almost certainly work something out!

Here's a full list of all the software that's left. Note that the "Ct" column, which lists how many I have left, will be less and less accurate as time goes on because more of it will be sold.

The list is current as of 4:39 PM on Friday, September 14, 2007.

Icon Name Available Retail Value
1passwd 1Passwd (3-pack) 13 $39.95

[web, passwords] Manages login credentials (username/passwords) for web sites. Integrates with most browsers on the Mac.

This is actually a pack of three copies of this application. (Good for home or small office.)

1Passwd has won more awards than I have room to list. See their web site for details.

1passwd reader for palm 1Passwd Reader for Palm 4 $12.95

[palm, passwords] Password manager for Palm devices. Integrates and syncs with 1Passwd for Mac (also in this auction).

Allbookmarks AllBookmarks 13+ $0.00

[Web Utility] A little bookmark menu added to the right side of your menu bar in all applications gives you instant access to all of your bookmarks from all of your browsers.

Note that this app is free, and is included automatically with any bundle that includes 1Passwd.

Anzan Anzan 4 $36.95

[file transfer] Simple way to transfer files between macs on a local network. 5 User License.

Bbedit BBEdit 2+ $125.00

[editor] Text Editor Extraordinaire for programmers, web developers, and text twiddlers of all stripes.

Betterzip BetterZip 1 $19.95

[utility] Manages file archives like ZIP, Tar, GZip, etc. Extract individual files without expanding the whole archive, browse archives as if they're folders.

Blackink Black Ink 1 $24.95

[game] Solve crossword puzzles with panache.

Bookpedia Bookpedia 1 $18.00

[tracker] Keep a catalog of all of your books, and who has borrowed them.

Buttondesign ButtonDesign 12 $19.95

[web, graphics] Generate personalized, lickable, screen candy buttons for your web site. (Don't forget to brush afterwards.)

Caboodle Caboodle 2 $19.95

[utility, stuff collector] Snippet and image collector. (Household Edition)

Clarion Clarion 2 $14.95

[music, education] Training partner to help you recognize musical intervals.

Compare folders Compare Folders 2+ $24.95

[utility] Compare the contents of two folders, take action with the results.

Conceptdraw ConceptDraw 2 $299.00

[graphics] Diagramming and drawing, vector graphics.

Conceptdraw mindmap ConceptDraw MINDMAP 2 $199.00

[mind map, brainstorming, projects] Mind mapping, brainstorming, and project planning.

Conceptdraw project ConceptDraw Project 3 $199.00

[project management] Manage the tasks and resources needed to complete projects.

Copywrite CopyWrite 6 $24.99

[writing, editor, projects] Project management and editor for writers.

Crosseyes Cross Eyes 5 $7.50

[game] Separate matched pairs of dots so they don't make cross eyes at each other. (Wouldn't want them to get stuck that way...)

Desktoppoet Desktop Poet 16 $14.95

[game, writing] Creative writing tool / amusement.

Desktopplepro Desktopple Pro 3+ $17.00

[utility, presentations] Hide everything on your desktop for making screenshots and presentations.

Disclabel DiscLabel 1 $32.95

[graphics] CD/DVD labels and packaging design.

Disco Disco 3 $29.95

[utility] Disc burning, keeps searchable catalog of every file burned to all of your discs.

Disklibrary DiskLibrary 4 $29.00

[utility] Media cataloging. Catalog the full contents and structure of all of your CD/DVD-ROM, Zip, memory sticks, etc. Creates thumbnails, and caches metadata like song and movie length and photo exif tags.

Docktop Docktop 5 $6.00

[utility] Customizable app launcher.

Downloadqueue Download Queue 3 $15.00

[internet] A download manager that can be controlled manually, run on a schedule, or scripted. Integrates with Firefox and Safari. Contains no Pimentos.

Downsize Downsize 3 $19.95

[graphics, photography] Resize batches of photos, add watermarks and frames, more.

Dragster Dragster 3 $19.00

[internet, utility] Drag and drop file transfer via email, server upload, iDisk (.mac), or to any local drive.

Drive gauge Drive Gauge 3 $5.00

[utility] Displays a "meter" showing how full your drives are.

Entourageabmenu EntourageABMenu 2 $15.00

[utility] Use your Microsoft Entourage address book data anywhere via this system-wide menu.

Exces Exces 5 $14.95

[utility, security] File encryption.

Fastscripts Fast Scripts 2 $24.95

[utility, scripting] Run scripts from the keyboard or menu.

Finder window manager Finder Window Manager 2 $15.00

[utility, finder] Manage and organize sets of Mac Finder windows (by project, for example), via the menu it adds to the Finder's menu bar.

Flextime FlexTime 1 $18.95

[timer] Innovative timer to manage your repetitive activities.

Flygesture FlyGesture 3+ $0.00

[utility?] Mouse 'gestures' are converted to automated actions. Recently became freeware, but it's still a great app from one of the best-known "indie" Mac developers.

Flysketchicon FlySketch 4+ $24.95

[utility, graphics, screen capture] Doodle, sketch, screen capture. Clever interface.

Foottrack FootTrack 2+ $49.95

[movies] Import, catalog, and search your digital video tapes.

Forklift ForkLift 7 $29.95

[internet, file transfer] FTP client for transferring files to/from servers.

Freeze frame Freeze Frame 4 $14.95

[utility] Freeze an application in its tracks by giving it zero processor cycles while some other (more important to you) app is busy.

Gamepedia Gamepedia 2 $18.00

[tracker] Keep a catalog of all of your computer/console games, game status, and links to cheat and walkthrough pages. And who borrowed them.

Gooball GooBall 2 $25.00

[game] Being trapped in a gooey ball of protoplasm has never been this fun!

Google sitemap automator Google Sitemap Automator 9 $34.95

[web, development] Generate search engine "site maps" for existing sites, so they know when and where to look.

Houdahgeo HoudahGeo 6 $29.95

[photography] Geocode your digital photographs, auto-upload to flickr.

Houdahspot HoudahSpot 8 $19.95

[search, utility] Alternative and flexible search interface for Spotlight.

Iclip iClip 3+ $29.00

[utility] Manages multiple clipboards and scrapbooks.

Ikana iKana 2 $14.00

[education] Learn Japanese alphabets and writing.

Instantgallery InstantGallery 3 $17.00

[web, photography] Quickly create web page photo galleries (albums).

Interarchy Interarchy 3+ $59.95

[internet, file transfer] FTP client software for transferring files to and from servers.

Jon's phone tool Jon'sPhoneTool 1 $22.50

[utility, communications] Dial your Bluetooth, VOIP, or "regular" phone from your mac, using any phone number stored anywhere (your address book, a web page, whatever).

Knox Knox 1+ $29.95

[utility, security] Create and manage searchable, encrypted "file vaults."

Lazymouse LazyMouse 7 $9.95
[utility, pref pane] A preference pane (mini-app that shows it's UI through the System Preferences) that causes your mouse pointer to jump to the default button of any dialog shown on screen.
Linkinus Linkinus 2+ $19.95

[internet, chat] A highly customizable and flexible IRC client for the Mac.

Lux delux Lux Delux 1+ $24.95

[game] World and universal domination.

Macgourmet MacGourmet 1 $24.95

[recipes] Recipe manager. Interface makes it like "iTunes for recipes." Integrated wine notes to help with meal planning.

Macintosh explorer Macintosh Explorer 14 $15.95

[utility, finder] Tabbed file browser for the Mac, similar to the Windows File Explorer.

Macjournal MacJournal 2 $34.95

[web, writing, editor, podcasts] Desktop journaling, blogging, and podcasting.

Mapdesign MapDesign 13 $19.95

[web, development] WYSIWYG tool for generating HTML image maps.

Martian lifeboat Martian LifeBoat 4 $13.99

[utility, archives] Backs up important data onto external drives as soon as they're connected. Works with Flash-based drives (thumb drives), FireWire or USB drives, etc.

Martian slingshot Martian SlingShot 3 $29.99

[utility, file sync] Keep your files and folders synchronized between two macs. Special features for synchronizing the songs in iTunes playlists. Based on a sort of "publish and subscribe" system.

Minim Minim 3+ $27.29

[music] Software for musicians, to manage compositions.

(Note: retail value is actually €20.00 (Euros). Value listed here is based on the price in US Dollars as shown at their payment processor, PayPal, as of June 13, 2007.)

On the job On The Job 3 $24.95

[business, projects] Track the time spent on projects, for billing purposes.

Osk Osk Genealogy 2+ $40.00

[genealogy] Create family trees, trace history, find connections, and even create family web sites.

Overflow Overflow 3 $14.95

[utility, launcher] Flexible (and pretty!) app and document launcher.

Painterspicker Painter's Picker 6 $15.85

[graphics, plugin] A system color-picker plugin that provides a color wheel for choosing harmonious color schemes in any mac application.

Passwordwallet PasswordWallet Bundle 13 $32.50

[passwords, utility, palm] Convenient and secure way to store usernames, passwords, notes, etc. Both Mac and Palm versions, and they sync together.

Picturesque Picturesque 1 $19.50

[graphics, web] Make images look gorgeous for the web.

2007 Apple Design Award Winner!

Plistedit pro PlistEdit Pro 2 $24.95

[dev, utility, editor] Property list editing for software developers and power users.

Profcast ProfCast 8+ $29.95
Presentations. Record all aspects of a live PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, create podcasts.
Pukka Pukka 2 $12.95

[web, bookmarking] Quickly post to and other social bookmarking sites.

Redline Redline 3 $25.00

[game] 3D auto racing.

Rooswitch rooSwitch 3 $14.95

[utility] Manage and easily switch between multiple sets of data and settings for any program.

Runner's log Runner's Log 6 $19.95

[sports] Track runs, create an exercise journal with graphs and stats.

Scorecard Scorecard 2 $29.95

[sports] Understand and improve your golf by analyzing the statistics of your games.

Screen mimic Screen Mimic 1 $64.95

[presentations] Create screencasts, save as flash or quicktime movies.

Share Share 2+ $19.95

[utility, file sharing] Access your desktop files, folders, photos, and music from anywhere.

Simon Simon 4 $59.95

[server admin, sysop] Simon is a Site Monitoring tool for Mac OS X. It checks servers for changes or failures, and notifies you via e-mail, sound, speech, or other means. You can use it to track updated sites, and to alert you when an important server goes down or recovers. (Standard Edition)

Sitetagger SiteTagger 3+ $14.95

[web, bookmarking] Web page bookmarking with integrated tagging.

Snapshot Snapshot 2 $29.95

[photography] Easier printing of digital photos.

Solly Solly 8 $20.00

[game] Solitaire, with variants including cards, tiles, pegs, and memory.

Spellcatcher Spell Catcher X 3 $39.95

[writing] Automatic spell checking, thesaurus, and dictionary.

Superduper! SuperDuper! 30 $27.95

[utility] Highly-regarded system backup and recovery tool "for mere mortals."

Tangerine Tangerine! 1 $24.95

[music] Analyzes your iTunes music and creates playlists based on beats-per-minute and beat intensity (so, create pounding playlists for exercise, or relaxing playlists for when you have to deal with hundreds of new donations for your charity software auctions...)

Temporis Temporis 6 $24.99

[graphics, charts] Create timelines and charts for print, web, presentations, etc.

Tracktime TrackTime 7 $19.95

[business, projects] Keeps track of how much time you spend (on your mac) in all of your different applications. Even tracks which songs you listened to in iTunes.

Trampoline Trampoline 6 $19.95

[utility, launcher] Activated with a hotkey, provides a launcher with a selection of your preferred applications on a small wheel. One small motion and a click launches the app.

Transcriva Transcriva 8 $19.99

[utility, audio] Use your mac as a dictation / transcription device.

Tri2 Tri 2 8 $13.33

[game] Arcade-style game with unusual three-geared con-TRI-ption.

Voice candy Voice Candy 8 $12.95

[audio] Record audio on your mac with special effects like chipmunk voice or Darth Vader. Described as, “Photo Booth for your microphone.”

Voodoopad Voodoo Pad 3+ $29.95

[info manager] Information Organizer / Thought Garden / Personal Wiki Thingie

Webdesign WebDesign 14 $29.95
Web Authoring. HTML Editor
Wii transfer Wii Transfer 2+ $14.00

[console gaming] Transfer pictures, movies, and music to your Nintendo Wii from the Mac.

Wiretap pro WireTap Pro 7 $19.00

[audio] Record audio from any source (other applications, games, microphones, etc.) on the Mac directly to disk.

World of where World of Where 4 $15.95

[education] Learn the countries, cities, flags and terrain of the world.

Writeroom WriteRoom 2 $24.95

[text editor] Virtual Word Processor. Distraction free writing environment. It's just you and your text.

Xtabulator XTabulator 7 $9.99

[text] Specialized editor for working with tabulated data (such as csv files).

Yummysoup! YummySoup! 6 $20.00

[recipes] Recipe manager with a funny name and icon.

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