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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

If You Love It, Set It Free

It's been over three years since Conversant first hatched from the shared brain of Brian Andresen and myself. At the time, we called it The Extranetter. (Good grief, I'm glad we changed it.) Today, Macrobyte set it free.

Shortly after we changed the name to Conversant, the team of people working on it grew dramatically. The list of Macrobyte developers has included (in alphabetical order):

Some of them have moved on, but they all helped in one way or another.

That's not everybody! There's also a long list of people who have used Conversant actively over the last couple years (since we first set up Free-Conversant), helping us to refine Conversant's feature set or even paying us to add new ones. This list is too long, and I'm too likely to forget someone. You know who you are, and I thank you.

Then there are the beta testers who helped us with the installer, the people here on [tw] who had so much to say about the release before it happened, and -- perhaps most important of all -- the families who have supported us (knowing how much it's meant to all of us) as we burned what seemed like infinite hours. (Thank you Corinne!)

Last, but not least, there's UserLand Software. It's no secret that Conversant 1.0 runs on UserTalk, the scripting language of Radio Userland and UserLand Frontier. Frontier and Radio aren't perfect, but they've taken us a long way and I'm grateful.

I love my work. :-)

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