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Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year, One and All

2006 was a good year for me and mine, in many ways.

To all of my family near and far, to my ecclesia here and worldwide, to all of my friends new and old, close or distant:

New Year!

Hoping 2007 will be even better, for all of us...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day

This is a very difficult "Hallmark day" around my house. As with all of the special days, you can feel it approaching for at least a week in advance. It's like "smelling" a storm before you hear any thunder.

I do want to wish Corinne a happy Mother's Day, but it just seems so unrealistic right now! Shane has been gone for two years, two months and two days. We've healed a lot in that time – even Corinne has healed — but that doesn't mean the pain is gone. Anyone reading this who has lost a child, or who is close to someone who has lost a child, knows what I'm talking about.

There's a pain, like a migraine, that never goes away. You learn to survive with it, and some days it's more bearable than others.

Birthdays, holidays, and Mother's Day are not those "more bearable" days.

Corinne's friends have learned how to help her cope on these days: they try. I mean that trying is how you help. For the last few years, Andrew has given her a hanging flower pot for the front porch. Last year, some of the sisters in the ecclesia gave her a gold heart pendant which was laser-engraved with Shane's face, and Katie gave her a beaded necklace that says, "Shane's Mom." This year, Allysia (sp?) gave her a handmade, miniature, wall quilt with four pictures of Shane. Loanne (sp?) C. always sends a card, or a thoughtful gift.

It might sound otherwise, but the key isn't the gift, it's the thought. Or really, the expression of it.

Loanne always brings a tear to Corinne's eye because they've never even met and live 3,000 miles apart, but Loanne just never forgets! (I know you'll read this, so: thank you.)

Children become your future, your heritage. Losing them makes you feel broken and alone. Thoughtfulness can't make you feel whole again, but it does a great job of taking away the Alone.

To everyone who told Corinne, today, that you know this is a 'tough day' for her, or that you're thinking of her, or love her: thank you! You all helped make it a little easier.

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to my own Mom, and my sister, and grandmother, and aunts, and...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Happy Belated Birthdays

I missed Andrew's birthday, yesterday. He's 22! Sorry dude! (There was a cake for him at the hall last night after class, which is how I found out!)

Even worse, I missed Ellyn's birthday last month. Really sorry.

Can't tell you how old she is, of course, as that wouldn't be polite. But she's eight years older than me, and I'm 33. ;-)

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Score One for Those Clever Malware Authors

A week ago, my cousin Kt sent me a link via IM that said something like, "This is cool, check it out." We haven't spoken on IM in months, so I immediately guessed that it was a virus/worm/malware doing the talking. I wrote back to tell her that she was infected.

I clicked the link anyway. I'm on a mac, and figured I'd be impervious to all but a kryptonite-powered virus. I was right, it immediately downloaded a .exe file. No harm done.

The next day, Andrew E. sent me the same message. Andrew and Katie are friends, and I knew where he got it. I wrote back to tell him he was infected, but -- like Kt -- he wasn't actually there at the time.

Thursday night it finally turned funny. I was over at Eric and Bonny's house, tutoring Avonlee, when Eric told me that he got an IM from Andrew. I told him I'd seen the same one a couple of times. Eric uses a mac at work, so I figured he was as impervious as me.

But, no. Eric didn't realize it was a virus. He actually put the file on one of their Windows servers so he could see what Andrew said was cool.

Really, I'm not making this up. Not sure I could have if I had tried.

He was lucky, though. For some reason -- possibly because there was no instant message program installed on that server -- it didn't infect the machine. Perhaps with no way to replicate itself, it simply self-immolated.

I haven't done any research, so I don't even know the name of this bug. If you're on Windows, though, just be careful about the fairly innocuous sounding "this was cool" or "check out my pics" messages from people on your buddy list.

Darn virus writers are a clever bunch, aren't they?

(I realize that virii-via-IM isn't a new phenomemon, but this is the first time I've seen it first-hand.)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Congrats, Andrew!

Andrew got promoted to warehouse manager. Very cool, congratulations, Andrew.

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