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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lauren Sings “Frère Jacques”

Richie is traveling for a couple of weeks to visit his aunt Paulette (VA) and his grandparents (NC). At the same time, Mike and Shannon did something totally wonderful (for us) by letting us keep Lauren for the week (we normally have them both for one night and Lauren alone for one night, every week).

This evening, Corinne and I were driving back from the ecclesial hall with Lauren. Lauren and I were singing “Frère Jacques" and making Corinne laugh, when she said that someday I/we would regret not having stuff like this recorded.

She may be right, so…


Update: Apparently this needs a little back-story. Lauren had the nastiest diaper I've ever experienced, Saturday afternoon. I changed it, of course, but she desperately needed a bath. When Corinne mentioned recording Lauren's singing, I said that if I tried it before she'd been cleaned up it would go something like, "Frère Jacques... blaaaargh!" As you can see in the video, Lauren picked that up and wouldn't let it go. :-)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bootleg Movies

Yesterday at the barbershop, everybody in the room (seven people) was talking about bootleg movies. Based on the comments, I was the only one there who hasn't ever owned one.

It started because a military guy was in the chair talking with John (the lead barber) about American Gangster. They'd both seen it already: the guy in the chair saw it at the theater, John saw it three weeks ago on a Russian bootleg DVD. (Three weeks ago! The movie was released to theaters AFTER that!)

The military guy said he hasn't seen a bootleg of AG yet, but the guys coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan always have loads of movies with them, all bootleg and some of them pre-release like the AG that John had.

It would have turned into a swap-meet but for the fact that nobody had any with them. (And to be clear, I don't want one and the whole idea kind of bugs me: it's no different than software piracy.)

Earlier this year, another regular at the diner where Rich and I have breakfast every week offered me a copy of the latest Spider Man movie. I had it in my hands, then it occurred to me that the film had just come out in theaters. "What is this, a bootleg?" I asked out loud. He was very upset, told me to shush, and immediately put his movie away again. "How do you know none of these people are cops?" he whispered back.

(Note: This story about the Pirate Act on Ars Technica reminded me to write this.)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Canon on Guitar

This kid really knows how to play the guitar.

I watched for signs of a fake. There are a couple of moments that seem off, but it could be the result of junky camera, or digitization, or something else.

He certainly seems to have all the right motions in both hands. I have some extremely musical friends around here... what do you think? Speak up!

(Thanks for the link, Dad!)

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More on that Video...

A couple more notes...

The reporter says that they're about 2/3 of the way through the riders. I don't know what time that was recorded, but I came in just after 10:00 and there's no way 2/3 of the riders were in already. I guess they recorded shots of some riders coming in and mixed it in with the interview with Billy Starr.

Steve says that he and Dave coming in, hands raised, was recorded also, but I guess it's not in that video. I haven't seen them yet.

Some people haven't recognized me, or think I'm someone else. I first appear at EXACTLY 2:05 (2 minutes and 5 seconds) into the video. I'm only there for two seconds, and pass to the right of the cameraman. I'm wearing mostly blue and jersey shorts, with some white and green.

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Proof that I Finished!

New England Cable News has a video of some riders coming into the finish line at the Provincetown Inn.

Just after minute two, a rider comes through wearing a blue, green, and white "uniform." That rider would be me, wearing my Mystic Cycle uniform. :-D

Unfortunately, the quality of their online video is, uh... well, there is no quality. It's bad. (Update: it looks fine on Windows, using Media Player 9.) Still, Steve sent the link to me because he knew that was me.

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