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Lauren Santana Deane

Your oma and opa miss you, baby girl.

If ever you forget us, come back here to remember. This is where you started.

Me and Her and She and I Lauren, Opa, and the Phoenix Lauren and Seth Loopy One

Sorry there are no pictures of Oma for you. She's too shy, and would kill me for putting her pictures on the web!

Lauren and Opa Chubby Legs On Opa's Lap Bonnie's 50th Birthday Dinner - 14 Opa and Lauren Birthday Presents Backlit The Apple of My Eye

Do you remember now?

Oma and I raised you for the first two years of your life, and loved you like our own baby girl. Then one day, without any warning, your Mommy and Daddy took you far away. They don't let us talk to you, see you or visit. You cried a lot. We did, too.

But you're here, so I hope you've remembered some of it!

Call us, send us an email, or visit any time you want. You'll always be our baby girl!

— Opa

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