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The Shudder Bug

I take a lot of pictures. Most of them don't come out very well! I think the people shots are pretty good, and I do a decent job with birds and plants.

Anyway, the shots that I think are worth including, and that I have the time to upload and which are already in digital form, will be listed here.

Lauren Deane: Year Two

Lauren Deane: Year One

Steve's & Penny's Wedding (August, 2008)

Jed's & Alycia's Wedding (June, 2007)

My Sister's Wedding

Herbophilia (plants and outdoorsy-stuff)

Birds of a Feather (avian imagery)

Creepies & Crawlies (bugs and such)

Blizzard 2001 (Pictures of snow and snowscapes. Polar bear in a snow storm?)

Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia, SC (1999)

2002 Tri-State Sea Coast Century (100 mile bike ride in MA, NH, and ME) with Jim Boyko and Steve Davis

2004 Tri-State Sea Coast Century with Jason Cicero, Steve Davis, and Steve Harper

I've also taken hundreds of pictures of our Birmans for the Elpis Birmans web site.

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