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Giant ant pic. I remember reading a story in gradeschool about an ant named George Ichabod Ant. He moved into a new home and painted his name on his mailbox, G.I.Ant.

One day someone knocked on his door, and George found there a young man weilding a club. "Who are you, and why are you carrying such a big club?" George asked nervously.

The other replied, "I can't tell you who I am, because I don't have a name yet. I'm trying to make one for myself! To do that I must become the greatest giant killer that ever lived. You're a giant, so I'm going to kill you. Sorry about that! (It's funny, I thought you'd be taller.)"

"I'm not a giant, I'm just a tiny little ant!" said George.

The would-be giant killer pointed to George's mailbox and said that he's never seen a giant before today, but that he's known many mailboxes and they're yet to tell him a lie.

Unfortunately, I don't remember how the story ended! I think George finally convinces the giant killer that he is not, in fact, a giant, and tells him to find someone bigger to pulverize.

Giant ant pic. George obviously was not as big as this giant we found traversing our kitchen floor, or he never would have convinced the giant killer to leave him alone.

This ant, which I first assumed was a queen (until someone pointed out the obvious: no wings), was more than 1.25 inches long, and neither of us (Corinne or myself) had seen one this big before. (I know, they probably grow them bigger in Texas, but everything is bigger in Texas!)

If you think you can handle it, click on the pictures to see larger, more detailed versions.

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